O-Level Students (DSA - JC)


Direct School Admission into 2-year JC Programme for Academic Year 2018 – DSA–JC Exercise 2017

Direct School Admission to JC Programme

The Direct School Admission–JC (DSA–JC) is an annual exercise administered by our College. It allows students with special talents and achievements to apply to National Junior College directly. The DSA–JC Exercise usually takes place from May to July.

The DSA–JC Exercise 2017 will open on 2 May 2017, Tuesday, 8am and close on 26 May 2017, Friday, 5pm.


The DSA-JC Exercise allows all 2017 ‘O’ Level graduands with special talents and achievements to apply to NJC directly. Students who are successful are guaranteed a place provided they meet the eligibility criteria for admission to a JC based on their GCE ‘O’ Level results. Students admitted under DSA–JC would not take part in the Joint Admission Exercise (JAE) in 2018. 

Selection Process

Applicants go through two selection phases: 

Phase I:          Auditions / Trials / Portfolio Reviews

Applicants who apply may be invited by the respective teachers-in-charge to attend a portfolio review session / audition / trial.

Phase II:         Interview

Only applicants who successfully cleared the previous selection phase will be notified via email to attend an interview with the Principal, Vice-Principals, HOD/Year Head and/or the CCA teachers. These applicants will be notified of the interview date and time by 9 June 2017. Upon receipt of the email notification to attend an interview, applicants are required to scan and email the corresponding supporting documents, e.g. certified true copies of testimonials, CCA and VIA reports, examination results or any other relevant documents for fields that are marked with "#", by 21 June 2017.

The interviews will be conducted in July 2017.

Offer of Places

Applicants who are selected for interviews will be notified (by post) of the result of their interview by 28 July 2017. Successful applicants will be offered a place in NJC for the academic year 2018.


For further enquiries on DSA–JC, you may call our General Office at 64661144 during office hours (9am to 5pm) or drop us an email at njc@moe.edu.sg with the subject DSA–JC.

For more information on DSA–JC, please refer to MOE DSA–JC website.

We thank you for your interest in our College.

Online Application

Application must be done online. Apply Here.