Personal Mentorship & Career Guidance


Personal Mentorship Programme

All students in the college are organised into civics classes, looked after by their Personal Mentors. Personal Mentorslook after the pastoral needs of their students as well as deliver the Guidance Curriculum which covers the academic/career and personal/social domains. Through the programme, students get to reflect and learn important life skills like writing resume and personal statements, relationship and people management, community involvement, leadership, study skills and how to handle stress. Our programme rationalised the various demands and life skills required whilst focused on the four paired values of the College, namely:

Loyalty with Integrity
Choice and decision making is the focus under this paired value, for example, careers and university choices as well as love and relationship issues.

Service with Honour
Focus will be on service Learning and contribution to the community in Community Involvement Projects and Cultural Mapping.

Leadership with Sensitivity
Emphasis will be placed on CCA and leadership opportunities, complemented by leadership talks.

Scholarship with Creativity
Study skills and stress management techniques will be discussed as well as peer tutoring.

Career Guidance, Scholarships and University Admissions

A Careers and Scholarship Fair is conducted every year by the College to provide students with information and updates about career choices, university admissions and scholarships. In addition, career and university talks and seminars by professionals are held regularly to help our students make informed choices.

Students can find out more about what best suits them from ‘Buzz’, our one-stop student centre for information on career guidance and scholarships.

For more information, please contact our HOD Guidance or SH Career Guidance and University Admissions.


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Miss Winnie Lim Lee Huang
Mr Chiang Cher Siang
Ms Ho Hui Lin
Ms Koh Su Yin
Ms Oh Wen-ci