Student Council


The National Junior College Student Council is a student-elected body that aims to represent the views and suggestions of the student population in all matters so as to improve the overall quality and life in school. Being a Student Councillors is the highest office a student can hold in College. Their responsibilities are to work towards the realisation of the Council’s objectives, to be committed to the objectives of the Council and to discharge their duties to the best of their abilities, to be responsible to the Council in matters concerning the Council and to protect the interest of the students in all matters.

A united team of bold and innovative servant leaders who uphold the NJC Spirit of Service with Honour, striving for the betterment of Our College. A Council that upholds the values advocated in APT: Be Anchored to the College and Councillors' values and beliefs. Councillors should always have a clear Purpose and take pride in their work. Councillors to work as a Team, trusting each other to achieve a common goal. To generate College spirit for the promotion of a common identity. To improve the general welfare of the student body. To act as a liaison body between the College administration and the students. To model the standards of discipline and service to the College and the community.