The NJC Music Programme

The NJC Music Programme started out in 2006 with two levels, and has expanded considerably since. Currently, the Programme offers a six-year course that culminates at ‘A’ Level, where students can offer H2 Music. The Programme strives to provide students with a holistic and unique learning experience through an eclectic range of enrichment activities.

These include biennial overseas music trips, master classes and workshops by renowned music professors, composers, academics and concert artists, as well as authentic assignments, such as conducting and rehearsal technique. Additionally, students in the NJC Music Programme can look forward to regular performing opportunities, and the possibility of representing the College in music competitions/festivals both at national and international levels. Through such activities, the Programme hopes to inspire its students towards musical versatility and excellence and to produce academics, practitioners and leaders in - and advocates for - the arts.


Vision of the NJC Programme:

The NJC Music Programme has a two-fold vision:

  1. To cultivate a deep love for music beyond the classroom so that students can continue to enjoy music through composing, performing and attending concerts.
  2. To help students to understand how music is a product of its time and culture. Students are encouraged to see how the genesis and performance of music is inextricably tied to its surrounding social milieu (socio-cultural and political environment, economic forces and intellectual history), and how it interacts closely with other art forms.


Aims of the NJC Music Programme:

The Programme aims to equip students with acute listening and practical musicianship skills, instill confidence in music making and writing, provide a rigorous curriculum that demands higher-order critical thinking and independent inquiry abilities, as well as to encourage student-initiated musical events. This will develop students into all-rounded musicians and inspiring leaders in the Arts scene, who are able to rise up to contemporary challenges.

The continuation of IP students from the JH NJC Music programme to the SH programme is subject to the approval of the teachers.

Junior High/ Senior High students who are extremely keen on joining the Music Programme but do not fulfill the stipulated requirements are encouraged to email any of the music teachers with information regarding their musical background to help ascertain their suitability for this programme. Those deemed suitable will be called for an audition and selection test.