Science Training and Research (STaR) Programme

Students identify the Science Training and Research (STaR) Programme as the flagship of Research@NJC. A natural step forwards, from SPIRE, students can further their research interest and experience via the Enrichment STaR (E-STaR) Programme. Senior students have the opportunity to read research as an examinable ‘A’ Level subject via the H3-STaR Programme.


The pinnacle of research programmes, H3 Science Training and Research (H3-STaR) students demonstrate the keen traits of a scientist and have strong intent in heightening their mastery of skills and cognition. H3-STaR students work independently on a research project together with A*STAR scientists over a period of 7 months, and will write and defend their thesis at a viva in their graduating year.



Students further their pursuit of knowledge by collaborating with scientists from various academic and research institutes. The Enrichment Science Training and Research Programme is a natural extension from SPIRE. More advanced techniques and methods, deeper concepts and work with more extensive impact are the hallmarks of the STaR Programme. Programmes within E-STaR include the International Research Exchange Programme (IREP), Industrial Research in Environment Attachment Programme (IREAP) and the Institute-Based.


International Research Exchange Programme

A favorite among students, NJC has 8 established International Research Exchange Programmes. Students truly enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with peers from other countries on a research project, immerse in another culture via homestays, and broaden their perspective and disposition. Click on the flags to learn more!

Industrial Research on Environment Attachment Programme (IREAP)

Beyond fundamental and applied research, students often want to experience ‘industry-level’ research work: design thinking, prototyping and culminating in direct application in the real world makes for a very tangible research journey. Together with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and the School Advisory Committee (SAC), the Industrial Research on Environment Attachment Programme (IREAP) offers students the unique opportunity to work with engineers in various industries to design, build and even patent solutions.

Industrial Research on Environment Attachment Programme (IREAP)

Students will be attached to an external research institute where they will carry out their research there under the guidance of a mentor. Below are some of the possible places for attachment. Click to find out more!