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Design & Build Challenge

The sub-theme for the two days of the Design & Build Challenge is Dream Machine and Machinenterprise.

The Design & Build Challenge is kept secret till SISC itself, i.e. details of this challenge will only be made known to the participants during SISC 2017 itself.

Instructions & Rules

The 2017 Design & Build Challenge will be integrated with the Machine Learning Challenge: learning resources that are relevant to this challenge that will require pre-SISC preparation will be made available on the SISC website while all necessary or relevant materials and engineering resources will be made available during the challenge itself;

Participants will be taken through the process of design thinking, rapid

prototyping and marketing to better enable their engagement with the challenge;

All teams, which are mixed to facilitate lensing of various issues, will be mentored by experts to better refine their products and solutions.

Participants are given 24 hours to design and build their solution to a scenario that is presented during SISC 2017.

Useful Resources 

The following link would be useful for you in the preparation for the challenge:


Experts from academic and research institutes will be invited to share their expertise in fields pertinent to this challenge and mentor participants in the design and engineering of their products.


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