52nd e-College Day

Message from Our Principal, Guest of Honour and PAACT President

Our Principal: Mr. Ang Pow Chew
Mr Ang Pow Chew (2) (1) Our theme for College Day this year – “Steadfast, we forge ahead” – was decided after much discussion. We wanted a theme to reflect our resolve to overcome the challenges brought about by a tiny microbe that invaded and caused much misery throughout the world. “Steadfast” suggests a steady and unwavering conviction, and “forge ahead” implies taking the lead or making good progress. I am glad that my colleagues have been steadfast in ensuring that our school continues to be a safe and effective learning environment for NJCians. They have leveraged technology to design engaging e-lessons. They pressed on with CCA and VIA to allow NJCians to have as many experiences as were possible, given the challenging circumstances. In addition, my colleagues have forged ahead by redesigning programmes, including our international Science and Humanities fairs, such that these fairs were creatively held in the online space. The many schools, both local and international, participating in these fairs, reflected the success of the fairs. The Self Mastery Plus programme, started early this year, was a fruitful substitute for the boarding programme which could not be held because of the current circumstances. Without challenges, we can never know how steadfast we can be. There will be unforeseen circumstances but we must never stop forging ahead. Such circumstances are there to make us stronger and not to hold us down. So, “Steadfast, we forge head” we must.
Click here to view Mr Ang’s Principal’s Address on NJC’s Youtube Channel.


Our Guest of Honour: Mr. Heng Chye Kiou
Mr Heng Chye Kiou Mr Heng is from the Class of 1969-1970. He was appointed as an Independent Director of Union Gas Holdings Limited in 2017. Previously, he served as the executive director and CEO of VICOM Ltd for 17 years before retiring on 30 April 2012. Mr Heng is also an Honorary Vice-President of the Belgium-based Bureau Permanent of the International Vehicle Inspection Committee, and served as Chairman of the Institute of Technical Education’s Automotive Training Advisory Committee from May 1999 to April 2002. 


Mr Heng was the Chairman of the School Advisory Committee of National Junior College, and for his extensive contribution to education, he was conferred the Public Service Medal (Pingat Bakti Masyarakat) in 2001 and the Public Service Star Award in 2013.

“NJC has given me a lot of opportunities to grow and to be a better person”
“No man is an island … make friends … forge bonds”
“Service with Honour is a lifelong motto”


Click here to view Mr Heng’s Address on NJC’s Youtube Channel.


Our PAACT President: Ms. Judy Vee Gim Poh
“A unique window into your kid’s school experience …”


Steadfast, We Forge Ahead ... To New Beginnings

Steadfast, We Forge Ahead
Megan 3
Steadfast, we forge ahead. Steadfast – an unwavering determination, taking one step at a time to progress forward. 2020 was a tough year for all of us, in many aspects. It has not been easy for the whole school community, adjusting to changes, and remaining resilient when challenged by uncertainties that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought. Many new acronyms and many new “norms” were imposed upon our generation of youths, whom despite all these, have adapted, innovated and emerged stronger. This embodies the spirit of being steadfast, pressing on regardless of the difficulties faced, the uncertainties that lurk, and the obstacles to surmount. 2020, a year to remember, a year that we overcame. Steadfast, we march forth stronger, and more determined than ever towards a better future.
Megan 1


To New Beginnings
Mlep Room Welcome to Sanggar Cendekia (Intelligentsia’s Studio)! The home of Active Linguists, Passionate Literature Scholars and Advocates of the Malay Culture. Here, NJC’s MLEP Cendekia immerse themselves in the rich world of Malay language, literature and culture, letting creative ideas flourish and turning random thoughts into exquisite Malay language literary masterpieces.


Welcome to our beautiful Tamil Language Elective Programme Room! The very doorstep itself sets the tone for visitors here. The brightly decorated and uplifting art studio corner boasting state of the art audiovisual systems, the modern furnishings and the intricately designed environment depicting the classical arts of the Tamil Language and Literature, contribute to creating an area filled with ambience and functionality for students to develop their love for the language and culture. 

Tlep Room



Forging Ahead in Education and Service

We would like to take this opportunity to recognise and express utmost gratitude to our teachers, who have dedicated 30, 15 and 10 years to the education service respectively. 


Long Service Award: 30 Years

Ms Phua Phek Heng Sharon Averdene

Ms Phua Phek Heng Sharon Averdene


Long Service Award: 15 Years
Ms Darshini Do Radha Krishnan

Ms Darshini d/o Radha Krishnan

“Being a teacher is a privilege, one that I believe gives me the opportunity to walk with someone else through their life’s journey, towards their dreams.”
Mr Lin Huaizu

Mr Lin Huaizu

“I want my students to be a better version of themselves every day … dare to dream big … but establish a clear connection between future goals and what we do day-to-day in our lives.”
Dr Lim Yi En 2

Dr Lim Yi-en

“Every day is a learning journey, and every day is an opportunity to find meaning and significance.” 
Ms Meena Malinder Kaur Do K Singh

Ms Meena Malinder Kaur d/o K Singh

“What motivated me were the students, inculcating in them a passion for current affairs and what I learnt from them.” 
Play the video to hear from the teacher awardees.


Long Service Award: 10 Years
Mr Chen Liangcai (1)

Mr Chen Liangcai

“I would like my students to achieve their fullest potential, whatever that might be. In the end, what the nature of that potential looks like should not be dictated by the teacher, but should come from the students themselves through a sense of self-discovery.”
Mr Joel Poh Weinan

Mr Joel Poh Weinan

“I hope to see my students find and achieve their own true excellence – be it excellence in school, excellence at the workplace, excellence in society, excellence in their relationships, or excellence at home.”
Mr Ong Chye Meng

Mr Ong Chye Meng, Fred

“What I really want to see is my kiddos and kids being able to find meaning, passion and purpose in their lives, being able to lead the kind of lives they want for themselves, and most importantly, being humans.. I have always told my kiddos before they graduate, that to be humans means that they should always strive to Be Good and Do Good, through which then they will Feel Good.”
Mr Tan Chin Hui

Mr Tan Chin Hui

“I hope students can understand that there are many measurements of success, and they would reap the fruits of their labour. I want every student to understand and work their own weaknesses, discover and make good use of their area of strengths to stretch their potential and further develop themselves.”
Mr Tan Xuan Wen Jeffrey (1)

Mr Tan Xuan Wen Jeffrey

“As we move towards establishing various pathfinders for the students, I hope that my end goal for my students is to be a young adult who is self regulated and ready for the future.”
Mdm Pauline Yeong Pao Lian 1

Ms Pauline Yeong Pao Lian

“Teaching and learning is evolving and the teachers such as myself embrace the changes because of our love for students and our passion to want to help them excel propels us to take up these challenges.”
Click on the name of the teacher awardee to read his/her heartfelt thoughts. 


We also want to express our deepest appreciation of our Operations Support Officer, for dedicating 10 years of valuable service to NJC.


Long Service Award: 10 Years
Ms N Sinathai Chandra Ms N Sinathai Chandra


The following staff and work teams have also received accolades for their dedication and contribution to the education service, in areas such as professional development, student well-being, administration, school operations and more. Our heartiest congratulations to them!


National Day Commendation Medal
The Commendation Medal is a National Day Award that honours commendable performance, competence and devotion to duty. 
Mr Teo Tze Wei Mr Teo Tze Wei


We are happy that Mr Teo Tze Wei has received this medal for his service to education. 



The Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) Academy Awards
The AST Academy Awards for Professional Development recognise and affirm the efforts of officers in the education service for their contributions to the professional development of the teaching fraternity. Four teachers have been recognised as Associates of the Academy of Singapore Teachers, for their contributions. 
Mr Bek Aik Chiang Alvin Mr Bek Aik Chiang Alvin
Ms Lim Hui Chi Ms Lim Hui Chi
Mr Wong Yew Chong Kester Mr Wong Yew Chong Kester
Ms Zhang Jianli Mdm Zhang Jianli


The Parents-in-Action (PAACT) Caring Teacher Award
The PAACT Caring Teacher Award aims to recognise teachers who show care and concern for the holistic development of their students. These teachers continue to inspire fellow educators to be caring teachers.
Mr Nicholas Tan Aum Yeow
Mr Nicholas Tan Aum Yeow

(For Junior High)

Mr Arthur Goh Chong Meng

(For Senior High)

Mr Goh Chong Meng Arthur


The Parents-in-Action (PAACT) Engaging and Effective Teacher Award
The Engaging and Effective Teacher Award aims to recognise teachers who achieve a high level of student engagement during lessons and effectiveness in their teaching, learning and assessment approaches. These teachers inspire fellow educators to be role models in fostering a lively community and joyful learning environment.
Mr Tan Xuan Wen Jeffrey (1) Mr Tan Xuan Wen Jeffrey

(For Junior High)

Mr Lim Eng Soon

(For Senior High)

Mr Lim Eng Soon


The Parents-in-Action (PAACT) Outstanding EAS Award
The Outstanding EAS Awards aim to recognise non-teaching staff for their outstanding service to the College in their area of work, and to inspire non-teaching staff to be role models who exemplify College values. 
Ms Carolyn Goh Lan Teen Ms Carolyn Goh Lan Teen 


We would like to congratulate Ms Carolyn Goh who has demonstrated character with a proven record of service to their schools and students.


The Outstanding Contribution Award (OCA): Individual and Team

The Outstanding Contribution Award aims to recognise both individuals and teams who have made significant contributions to the College. These awardees exemplify NJC values, provide memorable experiences for NJC students and other stakeholders, and uphold the image of the College. The School Administration Team was awarded the OCA Team (July 2020) to recognise their exceptional efforts in managing their respective areas and keeping the school environment safe amidst the COVID-19 challenges.

Mr Cezanne Santos Cabulay Mdm Lim Chin Yin Mr Lim Kah Sing
Mr Cezanne Santos Cabulay Ms Lim Chin Yin Mr Lim Kah Sing
Oca 2020 Maths Dept Oca 2020 School Admin Mr Ng Seh Khoon
Mathematics Department School Administrative Team Mr Ng Seh Khoon
Oca 2020 College Day Comm Oca 2020 Boarding Oca 2020 Aes N Cce
College Day Committee  Boarding School EAS Aesthetics x CCE
Oca 2020 Gs Oca 2020 Jh Gs Curriculum Oca 2020 Food Taskforce
Governance and Society (Geography) JH Governance and Society Curriculum Food Taskforce
Oca 2020 Research
Research Committee


Certificate of Accomplishment as Team Adviser in the IM2C
The International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IM2C) promotes the teaching of mathematical modelling and applications at all educational levels for all students; with the contest receiving both national and international recognition. Two teachers received the Certificate of Accomplishment for their involvement in the Challenge.
Mr Beertino Romerow Woe Mr Wong Yew Chong Kester
Mr Beertino Romerow Woe Mr Wong Yew Chong Kester


The NJC Partners’ Award
This award serves to recognise partners, for their invaluable work and significant contribution in supporting our efforts in education for a sustained period.
A Star Imre Dr. Ren Yi
Dr. Nikolai Yakovlev Nus Physics
School Of Science And Technology Mr. Tan Hoe Teck

Mrs. Linda Chan

MOCA YN Moulmein Cairnhill Youth Network
Family Central Ms. Beryl Low
Ms. Ying Fatima Joy Espares Migrant Workers Centre
Heartware Network Ms. Norashikin M Rohizat
Dr. Chiam Keng Hwee A Star Bii
A Star Ihpc Dr. Chu Hong-Son
Ms. Judy Vee Gim Poh Judy Vee


The Friends of NJC Award
This award serves to recognise partners who work with NJC in supporting our efforts in education.
A Star Ihpc Dr. Ooi Chin Chun

Dr. Srinivasa G.R. Venugopalan

Dr. Khoo Eng Huat

Dr. Vipin Narang

Dr. Anand Kumar Andiappan

A Star Sign
Woodlands Young Achievers Club Dr. Mohammad Zaidi Bin Ariffin
Tan Chong Cheng Sree Narayana Mission 
Team Nila Team Nila
Ng Pei-Sian Ng Pei Sian
Sutd Logo Cindy Ong Mei Lin
Christopher Cheong Orchestra Of The Music Makers
Engineering Good Johann Annuar


Forging Ahead in Pursuit of Excellence

The NJC Student of the Year Award

The National Junior College Student of the Year is the pinnacle of all student awards, recognising all-round excellence in academia, CCA, leadership and service.

Chelsea Wong Jiahui

“What helped me to make the most of my time in school was never being afraid to be unconventional, and always striving to do the best for myself, and those around me.”

Play the video to hear from Chelsea.


The Lim Kim Woon Award

The Lim Kim Woon Award, initiated and structured by a former NJCian in honour of our first Principal, recognises students who exemplify the hallmark characteristics and traits of our motto, Service with Honour.

Jacqueline Tan Wan Yu

At the end of the day, what you’ll remember most is not the achievements, but really, the ups and downs you shared with your family in NJC and the valuable lessons you have learnt from them. Your attitude will determine your aptitude.

Play the video to hear from Jacqueline and Yu Ching.

Ng Yu Ching

So take some time to carefully look around you, and observe how you can contribute meaningfully to improve conditions and processes for the people in our midst. It is all too easy for us to be preoccupied with our own perspectives, but if we are willing to take time to pause and show concern, we would be taking that first step in serving with honour.


The NJC@69ers Award

The NJC@69ers award, initiated and structured by the first cohort of NJCians, recognises excellence in the arts and humanities, both in core-curricula and co-curricular endeavours.

Suneeti Sreekumar

From dancing in corridors, to late training days with my debate friends, to the banter enjoyed during lessons and beyond, my time in NJC has spanned a range of experiences that have shaped me as a person.

Play the video to hear from Suneeti.


The Stephen Loh Sports Excellence Award

The Stephen Loh Sports Excellence Award is the pinnacle sports award, recognising sportsmanship and sporting excellence in Track & Field, Squash and Canoeing.

Arshia Bansal

“… possessing the passion to do your best in whatever you choose to pursue is what can keep us going. In these uncertain times of COVID-19, where we can easily be demotivated, my advice is to keep going, give your best, and try to be prepared for whatever comes your way – because that’s what you can control.

Play the video to hear from Arshia and Thaarmin.

Thaarmin s/o Thana Rajan

A sportsman to me is someone who does his best in the sport that they are participating in, someone who treats his peers with respect, and supports and encourages his teammates as well. I believe that sportsmanship is a quality that every athlete should have in order to achieve his full potential!


The SAC Sports Excellence Award

The SAC Sports Excellence Award is the pinnacle sports award, recognising sportsmanship and sporting excellence.

Chan Mun Hei, Ray

Even though training can get tough when the competition season is approaching and there are times you feel like giving up, don’t give up! When you look back at what you have been through together as a team, all the setbacks and successes (and everything in between) will definitely be something you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Play the video to hear from Ray and Zhen Yu.

Ching Zhen Yu

Distractions can come in many forms, and are often unexpected. But be conscious of these distractions: recognise them, and be prepared to tackle and overcome them in order to attain your goals.


The SAC Arts Excellence Award

The SAC Arts Excellence Award recognises academic excellence in the arts.

Tay Chi Rou

Even in challenging situations, there’s always something to smile about. What’s important is to recognise this, by finding value in every single day, even the bad moments. These eventually turn into the memories you cherish and hold close to your heart.

Play the video to hear from Chi Rou and Kaiwen.

Ting Kaiwen

I urge you all to cherish your time here. It might be difficult for you to participate in any large-scale College events currently, but you should learn to treasure the little things, be it the lunch that you have with your friends or the group discussions that you have in classes. Looking back on my time here, these moments were easily the highlights of the time spent with my friends.


The SAC Science Excellence Award

The SAC Science Excellence Award recognises excellence in the sciences, both in core curricula and in co-curricular scientific endeavours.

Esther Ong Lee Ann

What do you do when you have so many failed experiments? You change the question you are supposed to answer. This wisdom stemmed from Dr Niko’s favourite saying, “Use your results to tell the story”.

Play the video to hear from Esther.


The Junior High All-Round Excellence Award

The Junior High All-Round Excellence Award is the pinnacle of all Junior High student awards, recognising all-round excellence in academia, CCA, leadership and service.

Jenelle Lee Jingwen

It is easy to feel demoralised when we are falling behind others in our studies, or when we feel that we may not be in control over other aspects of our lives. But we need to remind ourselves that we all have our unique strengths, even on days when we feel defeated.

Play the video to hear from Jenelle.


The PAACT Aesthetics Excellence Award

The PAACT Aesthetics Excellence Award recognises excellence in the aesthetics.

Nicole Bay Hui Xuan

The biggest piece of advice that I can offer is to give it your all. Simple fact: hard work pays off. We have to commit ourselves to the labour, and we have to walk the extra mile in order to achieve our goals.

Play the video to hear from Nicole.


The Elizabeth Poey Inspiration and Courage Award: 

The Elizabeth Poey Inspiration and Courage (EPIC) Award is designed to recognise and celebrate outstanding students, from all academic levels, who have shown the courage and vision to actively advocate for transformational change in Singapore society or in the world. This award is the first team award designed in National Junior College and is the first step towards stimulating a greater adventurous spirit and a “rugged society” mentality in a collaborative manner amongst NJC students.

Bharagth s/o Ravindhran

“When I joined the school 6 years ago, I thought that my time here would be spent studying for exams, participating in the occasional competition to boost my portfolio. However, I have come to think beyond my own interests, and I am eternally grateful for this opportunity where I get to be a part of something bigger than myself.”

Sindhura Rajiv Jain

“Even as we spend the majority of our JC years studying, it is important that we focus not just on academic achievement, but also try to make our experiences more meaningful by contributing to the community. In the future, I hope to dedicate my time and effort towards expanding the project as well as taking up more opportunities to help others.

Play the video to hear from Bharagth, Sindhura, Kabileswaran and Deenadayalan.

Kabileswaran Krishna Kumar

“To my fellow NJCians, follow your heart, put in the work, and you’ll get to where you’re meant to be. Lastly, I’m grateful to NJC for providing me with this opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself, and I will work to continue proving myself worthy of this award.”

Deenadayalan Amirthaa

“… continue to commit to projects that serve the community. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, where face to face communication with beneficiaries was hard, knowledge-based VIA, like our project, can still continue to empower our beneficiaries.




Forging Ahead in Pursuit of Knowledge

GCE ‘A’ Level Examinations
A Levels 3

The class of 2020 has done the college proud with a strong showing at the 2020 GCE A Level examinations. Despite having to take a major examination during an ongoing pandemic, the class of 2020 has shown commendable resilience as a cohort and have performed well. In total, 14 subjects obtained at least 70% of A and B grades, and all H2 and H1 subjects have at least 99% passes for their candidature. H2 Subjects with 4 or more in 10 students scoring A include Art, Chemistry, Computing, Economics, Further Mathematics, French, Geography, German, Literature in English, Mathematics, Music, Physics, Spanish, Tamil Language and Literature. All H1 subjects which include Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics and Physics had 100% passes for their candidature. All H3 subjects had 100% passes for their candidature.

Congratulations to the class of 2020 and we wish them all the best in their future endeavours!

A Levels 1


Roll of Honour
Tasha Chan Yi Jing PSC Scholarship (Foreign Service) Psc Logo


Suneeti Sreekumar PSC Scholarship (Legal Service)
Ng Si En MND Edge scholarship Mnd Logo
Cheryll Toh Yu Xin MOHH Healthcare Merit Award Mohh Logo
Trisha Lee Tian Shan MOHH Community Care Scholarship
Ng Hao Yi MOHH Healthcare Merit Award
Thng Corryne Nataline Healthcare Scholarships Award
Xie Qihuang
Timothy Leong Tze Ian Teaching Scholarship (Local) Psc Logo
Calvin Heng Kee Hang
Kelly Sng Teaching Award
Tan Peng Yu NUS Global Merit Scholarship Nus
Thangaraja Keerthana NUS Global Merit Scholarship (Law)
Khoo Jun Kiat NUS Merit Scholarship
Tay Chi Rou
Darren Tan Fanyi
Chu Yi Ting
Yeo Yixuan Clarence
Sushant Patil
Goh En Qi
Sheryl Kong
Low Jing Xuan, Chynna
Yap Xavier
Justina Tan Sue Ching
Zhou Yuxin
Nicholas Chee Nan Yao
Yong Xue Min Grace
Ng Yu Ching
Zhang Fangyuan
Syn Young Kay, Hazel
Vania Huang
R Tharun Vigram
Nigel Yeo Tong Wei
Yim Qi Yao
Kaylee Therese Poh Di Er
Ang Xuan Yi
Garlapati Sai Chaitanya
Eliora Joseph NUS Merit Scholarship (Law)
Joanna Lee Jing Hui NUS Merit Scholarship (Medicine)
Tan Wei Xuan Rachel NUS Sports Scholarship
Lee Jia Jia Wee Cho Yaw Future Leaders Award
Tan Jia Wei Alicia
Liu Yutong Science & Technology (S&T) Undergraduate Scholarship
Lyu Zhengxiang
Nambi Saravanan Sharanya Engineering Scholar Programme
College Scholarship Ntu
Lau Pei Yi Nanyang Scholarship
Xiao Jiaxin
Lim Her Huey Asean Undergraduate Merit Scholarship
Ng Kai Li Nanyang Scholarship
Nathanael Axel Wibisono Dr Goh Keng Swee Scholarship
Jee Chen Lin SUTD Scholarship Sutd
Gunjan Agarwal
Michael Chun Kai Peng
Ng Zhen An
Theresa Lam
Han Wei Guang SUTD Donor Scholarship
Wang Zeyu SUTD Global Distinguished Scholarship
Stanley Tan Chang Long


The NJC Subject Excellence Awards

The NJC Subject Excellence Awards recognise NJC graduates based on excellence in each discipline/subject.

Languages H1 General Paper Chelsea Wong Jiahui
Economics Subject Icon For Cd H1 Economics

H2 Economics

Ivan Gan Jun Kiat

Sharmaine Teo Hai Zhen

Mathematics Subject Icon For Cd H1 Mathematics

H2 Mathematics

H2 Further Mathematics

Karine Tang

Sun Ruitong

Sun Ruitong

Computing Subject Icon For Cd H2 Computing Chen Haofei
Biology Subject Icon For Cd H1 Science

H2 Biology

Liang Yiyun

Goh Yun Yao

Chemistry Subject Icon For Cd H2 Chemistry Ng Hao Yi
Physics Subject Icon For Cd H2 Physics Hu Xun
Geography Subject Icon For Cd H2 Geography Justina Tan Sue Ching
History Subject Icon For Cd H2 History Ei Shwe Yee Mon@Susan Kyaw
Literature Subject Icon For Cd H2 Literature in English Suneeti Sreekumar
Ell Subject Icon For Cd H2 English Language & Linguistics Suneeti Sreekumar
Mtll Subject Icon For Cd H2 TLL Thangaraja Keerthana
Art Subject Icon For Cd H2 Art Pan Yuan
Music Subject Icon For Cd H2 Music Hans Neddyanto Tandjung


The NJC Academic Excellence Awards

The NJC Academic Excellence Awards recognise Junior High 1 through to Senior High 1 students who have excelled academically.

JH1 Outstanding Academic Achievement Awards

JH201 Eunice Ang Geh Kar

JH201 Venise Hah Xin Yi

JH201 Leong Xian Zhu, Samuel

JH202 Ariel Neo Kaiyi

JH204 Glynis Poon Shu Ning

JH2 Outstanding Academic Achievement Awards

JH302 Annabelle Ng Yi Xuan

JH302 Joanna Yeo Rui-En

JH305 Sharon Poh Shihui

JH307 Kuek Yu Jing

JH3 Outstanding Academic Achievement Awards

JH402 Li Yichen

JH402 Tan Jia Hao

JH402 Yong Rei En, Kera Ruth

JH402 Han Yijia

JH406 Xie Yu

JH4 Outstanding Academic Achievement Awards

21SH01 Shan Xin Wren

21SH06 Qin Yumeng

21SH12 Eunice Ho

21SH13 Sankaranarayanan Ishvaryaa

21SH17 Kushagra Shrivastava

SH1 Outstanding Academic Achievement Awards

20SH05 Li Yifan

20SH06 Emma Tan Xiu Wen

20SH07 Allysa Tan Li Ying

20SH07 Chen Yijia

20SH12 Peh Hou Jin

Languages Mathematics Humanities Science


The Singapore National Institute of Chemistry Gold Medal: 

The Singapore National Institute of Chemistry Gold Medal Award recognises excellence in the pursuit of Chemistry, and is awarded to Junior High 4 students with stellar performance and deep passion in Chemistry.

Snic Logo

Rao Zhehong


Achievements on the Academic Front
NUS Geography Challenge 2021 Grand Finalist  Han Yijia

Ong Jing Jie

Goh Zhi Yu

Tan Jia Hao

Gold Award (Individual) Han Yijia

Ong Jing Jie

Bronze Award (Individual) Goh Zhi Yu

Tan Jia Hao

32nd Singapore Chemistry Olympiad Silver Han Ziying
Bronze Low Ta Ken

Bai Zirui

Li Yifan

Gan Jessica Loraine Ngo

Mao Huanqing

Chan Wan Teng

Rahul Krishnamoorthy

Future Problem Solving Program – Team Global Issues Problem Solving Competition National Finals Senior Division – Champion Esther Huang En Rui

Jenelle Lee Jingwen

Shannon Lam Shan Ning

Zhang Xianyang

MOE Moot Parliament Programme 2020 Best Debate Team (Opposition) Yu Lin Li

Pang Sze Ning

Yan Hai Rong

Chen Hui Li

Shannon Lam Shan Ning

Best Speaker Yan Hai Rong
Challenge for the Urban and Built Environment (CUBE) Commendable Award Averil Goh Zi Ying

Chong Yuli

Esther Ong Lee Ann

Goh En Qi

Justina Tan Sue Ching

Lim Mey Qi

Rukhsar Bi D/O Abdul Wahid

Sherman Goh Zhao Lun

MOE-Humanities Scholarship Programme (HSP) Symposium 2021 Video Challenge 2nd Runner Up Tan Wei Xian, Rachel

Sitti Haajar Bte Hasnan

Saw Yone Yone

Lim Shan

Bilingual Youth Model United Nations (BYMUN) Conference Best Delegate (Individual) Phua Zo Ey
Honorable Mention Huang Yi Xuan
Best Delegation (Team) Wang Huiyi

Lau Wan Sin

Joy Foo Yong Le

Lin Kejun

Xu Hanqing

Huang Yi Xuan

Rachel Lim Qiao Jie

Phua Zo Ey

Chong Xin Yu

Wang Yitian

Ngiam Ju Rae

National Secondary Schools Bilingual Debate 2021 Best Team in Semi Final Phua Zo Ey
Creative Arts Programme 2021

Applicants Accepted Lo Xien Fei 

Ye Rong

Kalaisakana Kalaivanan 

Arivalagan Sharmadha 

Keepsake Prize Kalaisakana Kalaivanan
Bisikan Pena 2021: Melayari Bahtera Kehidupan – Organised by NUS Malay Language Society Second Nadine Alya Ramdhan
Third Amira Akhtar
Future Problem Solving Program International – International Conference (Global Issues Problem Solving) Senior Division 1st Place (International Champions) Esther Huang En Rui

Jenelle Lee Jingwen

Shannon Lam Shan Ning

Zhang Xianyang

18th National Secondary Schools Chinese Creative Writing Competition-“XINLEI” 2020 3rd Prize Xie Yu
AstroChallenge 2021 1st Runners-up Lim Yi Ning

Nukala Murali Hemanth

Charles Lee Jun Ngai

Kushagra Shrivastava


Forging Ahead in Upholding the Human Spirit

CCA Awards

The NJC CCA Awards recognise students who have achieved success in their respective CCAs, and have contributed in leading their CCAs to greater heights.

Clubs and Societies
Performing Arts
Sports and Games


Achievements on the Cultural Front
Singapore Youth Festival 2021 Arts Presentation (Instrumental Ensemble – String)


Junior High

Certificate of Achievement Aaden Tan Ye Kai

Aasher Lim Yan Kai

Aidan Yeong Lee Heng

Ang Kai Xin Althea

Averlynn How Li Wei

Callum Seah Quee Lun

Cayden Yeong Yuet Heng

Chelsea Megan Hamdani

Cheng Wang Hoi, Jacob

Delfina Poernomo

Galen Gay

Gao Yuan Yuan

Lee Soohyurn

Li Yousa

Liu Yip Chor Rio

Magnus Lachlan Forbes

Mah Rong Xuan

Matthew Chua Wei Shi

Nevin Shi En Yu

Ng Xuan Hui Charmaine

Pang Hsien Han, Hannah

Priscilla Ho En Lin

Ryan Thaddeus Shi Eng Chio

Sacha Wan Xin Yu

Tan Chok Joo

Tristen Yuwee Ng

Yong Rei En, Kera Ruth

Zuriel Te Yourui

Singapore Youth Festival 2021 Arts Presentation (Instrumental Ensemble – String)


Senior High

Certificate of Achievement Bai Zirui

Esther Huang En Rui

Feng Ke

Hu Xinyue

John Joseph Chan Kin Chong

Lai Foong Yee

Lin Ruo Xuan, Ashley

Megan Nicolette Tan Sue En

Rachel Wong Si Yin

Sandhya Saravanan

Tan Wei Xian, Rachel

Tan Wen Yu

Teng Wen Zhe

Teryl Zhao Tongxin

Wu Jiawei

Yu Lin Li

Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation – Instrumental Ensemble (Guzheng)


Junior High

Certificate of Distinction Yang Xinrui

Ng Yan Ting Jolin

Jiang Jiayi

Tan Yan Ning Trinice

Kan Yuhui

Sun Jiayi

Peng Siqi

Fa Jiaqi

Hew Kai Yi

Yee Yi

Dong Jiayi

Peng Shitian

Lim Yiting

Huang Yixuan

Yeo Yi, Whitney

Pang Haoyi

Wu Jiawei

Joy Foo Yong Le

Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation – Instrumental Ensemble (Guzheng)


Senior High

Certificate of Distinction You Jinjie

Yu Zihan

Gabrielle Cheok Jia Ling

Jia Xiran

Chua Wei Qian Jaslyn

Deng Kaihang

Chua Ting En

Ang Zhi Yi, Zelia

Qin Yumeng

Fionn Ang En Xi

Ng Xin Yan

Ong Suet Myn

Shen Lingbo

Siobhan See Wei Shuen

Tang Shu Hua, Chloe

Teo Vernice

Zhu Wanying

Carmen Cheng Ruo Yan

Wong Xin Hui Melody

Yu Wentian

Singapore Youth Festival 2021

Indian Dance Junior High

Certificate of Distinction Lakshminarayanan Tharunika

Senthil Kumar Pratheeksha

Kalai Sakana Kalaivanan

Ramesh Aishwarya

Sampath Pooja

Milton Ashmikha

S J Harshitha

Saravanan Nandhini

Lohitha Sivakumar

Nagireddi Gowthami

Ankitha Dileep

Seenivasagan Deepikaa

Manasvini Raghunathan

Meenakshi Ilango

Diya Jeevanth

Nagar Jayani Atul

Sahoo Saatwika Satyabrata

Sampathirao Pujita Raju

Diya Mahesh

Pavagadhi Bansi Niraj

Sivakumar Nandhana

Madhusri Shanmugam

Singapore Youth Festival 2021

Indian Dance Senior High

Certificate of Distinction Kavya Manikandan

Sakthivel Mohitha

Chen Yijia

Manivannan Deepika

Rini Deo Xavier

Aveline Lee Zhiqi

Samyuktha Janakiraman

Archana Gopakumar

Sundaramahalingam Shruthika

Elango Mahima

Narasimamorthy Tamilmathi

Niranjana Ramasamy

Senthil Kumar Poorvika

Shakthi Gnanashekar

Isha Chandra Gowda

Chinese Orchestra and Guzheng Ensemble Singapore Youth Festival Certificate of Distinction Lim Kai Ning Jennifer

Huang Yulan

Koh Zhuo Xuan Genevieve

Alifah Ilyana Binte Mohammad Jawahir

Goh Yong Xuan

Chua Lok Yi

Lim Qi En, Charis

Yap Yuan Yuan

Tan Ying Shan

Li Junxiang

Lim Jiaqi

Calix Chua Zheng Xuan

Sebastian Toh Jun Kai

Myat Noe Ein Chai

Kow Rangdol

Luo Chang (Loh Chang)

Li Tianhong

Tan Wee Hin

Shaw Khu Rui Lin

Edith Loh Poh Hui

Sharon Poh Shihui

Jayden Ng Ke Han

Tham Yu Xin

Ernestine Wong

Tan Pei Xuan

Ng Zi Shuen

Chong Ruolin

Pang Wan Leek

Lu Weixin

Kavishwer Sathiamorthy

Raksha Ramachandran

Nico Tan Jing Ya

Lim Jun Ying

Chen Yilin

Hu Jingyi

Huang Anran

Lin Jiaqi

Xie Yu

Htat Wai Wai Aung

Lin Kejun

Michelle Chua Jia Wen

Chew Shi Lin

Liu Jiayi Emma

Yap Fong Ling

Singapore Youth Festival (JC Chinese Orchestra) Certificate of Distinction Jenelle Lee Jingwen

Koh Da Meng

Tan Wei Lun

Ong See Gek Cheryl

Lim Shin Ning Rebecca

Ng Jing Le

Sun Xinyang

Li Kejing

Koh Yu Ching, Evelyn

Audrey Gan Wei Lan

Seah Le Xuan Stacey

Tan Ying Shan, Ashley

Shen Yanling

Qin Yumeng

Prisha Sadasivan

Seng Xing Yee

Tham Xue’Er

Chia Jia Xuan

Chan Weng Huen

Nur Deanna Sim Khalid

Ngoh Jin Yt

Hui Zing Yi

Wang Siyao

Liang Ying Ying

Clara Wong Yong Li

Cheah Yi Kang, Xavier

Tay Shu Yi, Audrey

Wong Ja Yee

Zhao Xingyue

Lee Bo Xian, Kean

Ng Kai Ee Emmanuelle

Cui Meng Zhen

Neo Chephanie

Zhao Yi

Carmen Cheng Ruo Yan

Goh Jun Wen Bryan

Cheo Yue Zen

Zhao Qianqi

Cheryl Cheong

Tan Wency

Allysa Tan Li Ying

Wong Xin Hui Melody

Poh Tze Hao

Shanon Poh Qihui

Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (Chinese Dance)


Junior High

Certificate of Distinction Andrea Ang Hui Shan

Cadence Toh Kai En

Cheong Ying Zhen

Cui Yuxuan

Dena Ng Shi Jie

Diao Amy Wanjin

Fang Jiaxuan

Kee Qianhui, Nicole

Loi Yi Xing Charlotte

Low Zhi Yi

Mo Jin En

Shanae Brigitte Lee I-Uei

Tan Celine

Tia Kai Xin Melody

Wu Wenxin

Zhang Luoxi

Zhang Jingbai

Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (Chinese Dance)


Senior High

Certificate of Distinction Foo Xin Hui, Kelly

Huang Shao Chieh

Lau Liying Zayn

Lim Shu Qi

Nadine Tse Man Woon

Petra Chiang Yi Xian

See Li Ting

Song Peihua Athena

Tham Yong Hsien

Wong Min Rong Beatrix

Yang Ziqian Justina

Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (Dance – International)


Junior High

Certificate of Distinction Han Yijia

Melody Lock Ke-Er

Caitlyn Gan Shao Li

Goh Zhi Yu

Chay Yi Jing

Christi Chia En Qi

Wai Yan

Yu Hongman

Tan Yen Lin Alyssa

Chong Irin

Braden Lim Jun Jie

Bai Shujun

Sabelle Toh Shun Ning

Ryan Lee Yi Sheng

Sung Yng Shuian

Dulcie Elizabeth Rose Rosario

Li Yichen

Aarthi Venkidachalam

Arwen Xie Xin Ting

Evonne Lew Xuan Yi

Xie Yu Tian

Chan Ye Xuan

Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (Dance – International)


Senior High

Certificate of Distinction Nicole Bay Hui Xuan

Ng Jing Rong

Joelle Kee Jia En

Gwynne Ang

Ng Liang Pin

Chan Qinglin Eunice

Chermaine Mok En

Tian Min Rui

Chu Pak Hin Caden

Elizabeth Kwan

Cheng Xi Jodi

Lum Wern Shynn

Lim Jia Min Natasha

Tan Wei Hui

Tan Lay Yee Cassidy

Singapore Youth Festival 2021 Arts Presentation – Malay Dance


Senior High

Certificate of Accomplishment Nicole Chun Kai Lin

Raditya Secondatama

Lael Kok Li-En

Nur Adriana Binte Hashim

Nurhanisah Putri Ayu Harrif

Nur Husnina Binte Hosni

Rauf Imtiyaz B Mohaime

Sameer Hossain B Fazal Hossain

Shafiqah Binte Mohamed Fairoz

Shen Zixuan

Sia Yu Xuan

Singapore Youth Festival 2021 Arts Presentation – Malay Dance


Junior High

Certificate of Distinction Yasmine Lynn Anuar

Syafiqah Binte Mohammad Andiadzhar

Tracey Christianti

Siti Nurshasha Binte Mohamad Raime

Aida Cempaka Hanif

Nurin Haziqah Binte Helmy

Erin Pok Ern Yee (Bu Enyi)

Emma Lee Wen Qi

Lim Ya En

Jazelle Widjaja Lee Kai Wei

Janette Joo Yee Xuan

Kyanne Tan Kai-An

Gau Yu Chian

Lianhe Zaobao Student Correspondents’ Club Successful Applicant Li Sixuan
Singapore Fo Guang Shan ‘2021 Wei De Zhi Hai National Hard Pen Calligraphy Competition Gold Award Wu Ruixi
Bronze Award Zhang Yuke
Singapore Youth Festival (Arts Presentation) – Symphonic Band 


Senior High

Certificate of Commendation Ashley Lim En Yue

Ayush Sethi

Yance Joshua

Lim Yoke Chuan, Nigel

V Narthananilaa

Teo Soo Leng Sonya

Triton Xander Tan Thean Lok

Ng Ray Yih

Bhao Tanush

Singapore Youth Festival (Arts Presentation) – Symphonic Band 


Junior High

Certificate of Accomplishment Farhana Tehsin Prita

Hoon Jeng Jee

Kwai Han Ning Vivien

Yoon Chaehyun

Ang Kai Siong, Marcus

Phua Hui Yi

Yeo Si Qi Kylin

Lim Liang Rong

Yip Tze Ray

Ezekiel Chong Zhiyong

Hitoshi Low Jie Yi

Bryan Lim Hong Zhi

Leong Lok Wai, Xavier

Eunice Lor Wen Xuan

Sheryl Lim Rui Qin

Yang Yibai

Chan Wan Teng

Ilao Louis Nelson Maderazo

Tan Hwee Yee

Annabelle Ang Hwee Woon

Nicholas Vun Ken

Ngoh Khee Swan, Ruth Arwen

Arjo Das

Yeoh Kai Yue

Fung Zhuowen

Yuan Haichen, Daniel


Ng Shao Xun Javier

Wang Yuxin

Wang Yue

Choo Ying Ern

Zoey Chong Kha Yein

Sheo Chiong Teng

Anbu Kritikka Anbalagan

Caden Philbert Lee Rafiuly

Alanda Lui Zhi Qi

Shee Wei Xuan

Natalie On Rui’En

Ngu May Xi

Tam Hui Yan Claire Ashley

Benedict Goh Yong En

Aaqil Mohamed Bilal

Ng Shin Huey

Wong Yu Zhen

Charmaine Wong Yu Xin

Kwek Lexuan Laetitia

Chong Kit Yan Kyanna

Fam Jia Wen

Shan Lifei

Thania Del Radovan Lofranco

Yoong Kai Jing

Zhang Qi

Cheong Ci En, Andrea

Singapore Youth Festival (Arts Presentation) – Symphonic Band 


Junior High

Participation Tiong Ziyi

Clara Tan Shiqi

Nabilah Binte Zul Idham Al-Mubarak

Teo Kai Leng Clara

Poh Kai Li

Choi Jaeeun

Koh Hui Yee

Qiang Kaixin

Goh Ruo Qi, Kayle

Faith Danya Chiam

Ng Rui Yee Chloe

Lai Jyun Kit Fabian

Seah Jia Ying

Rachael Ho Xin Yun

Ellie Kueh

Venkatesh Mahaa

Jagriti Panda

Liu Zhuoyi Daniel

Kannan Sai Easwar

Shahul Hameed Nahla

2021 Singapore Youth Festival (Arts Presentation) – Guitar Ensemble 


Junior High

Certificate of Distinction Aaryan Aggarwal

Adheenamilagi Jaya Shree

Ariel Neo Kaiyi

Chen Ruiqi

Cheong Tong Jun

Choong Dzeroun

Clarisse Cheong

Dinesh Matthew Derina Relyn

Elise Lim

Ethan Ooi Hean Jin

Eunice Ang Geh Kah

Evan Huang Haochan

Fariah Tiat Safa

Isabelle Ang En Yi

Jane Sim Jia Zhen

Kate Sophia Algarme De La Torre

Kua Zi Yi

Lee Yen Lyn

Lim Wan Ying

Loh Yi Wen Abby

Mak Zhan Rui Jovan

Malani Khushi Mithun

May Thu Lwin

Medha Prionti Bose

Muthumanikantan Pavithra

Muthuvel Sneha

Nicole Ang Jia Qi

Nindya Adhwa Ramdhan

Ong Jing Jie

Sahaya Velanganni Emeline Riana

Shrenithi Krishna

Sim Yu Xuan

Soh Shi Kai

Soong Yuan Qi Sophie

Tanay Jay Nair

Tiya Bansal

Wang Cheng

Xu Yue

Yau Xuan Lin Nathania

2021 Singapore Youth Festival (Arts Presentation) – Guitar Ensemble 


Senior High

Certificate of Accomplishment  Au Sweet Theng Ariel

Chiang Hui Zhi

Chua Ming Yuan

Clarice Chua Kar Leng

Clarissa Ong Rui Min

Eliyah Batrisyiah Binte Rayni

Heng Zhixin Stephanie

Ho Jia Yi Jenevieve

Hu Xueao

Jaryl Ang Jun Kai

Jesse Tham Jie Xin

Jiang Bohan

Joanne Kong Zhuo Yan

Kuik Shuting Jovianne

Lynette Cheryl Luth @Ong Li Jia

Matthew Davis Iskandar

Natasha Chin Hui Shan

Ng Wei Jia

Ravikumar Vishal Arvindh

Ren Shuzhe

Sneha Athreya

Tang Jiajun

Wang Ke

Woi Youjie

Xue Yaojia

Zhang Wenqing

Zhang Xianyang

Zou Yuyang

Singapore Youth Festival 2021 – Choir 


Senior High

Participation Choo Su Jin

Alexis Cheong

Pang Qing Xin, Clover

Wong Yi Chang, Cara (Huang Yizheng)

Kelly Ho

Leow Hui En

Kashish Sen

Rayson Princeton See

Li Haotian

Huang Lishuo

Angelina May Setiawan

Chew Jia Yin, Emma

Gwendolyn Lye Jiamin

Hu Yifan

Aw Qi Zhen Shermane

Fu Xueer

Steffi Tan Si Rui

Amritha Devaraj

Li Yifan

Leow Yu Xuan

Mandy Gong

Lim Sherri

Tan Ee Ling

Ler Yi Cheng

Seah Xuanyi Shyanne

Lim Xin Kai

Nur Sofea Jazlina Bte Zainal

Torence Goh

Jerry Andikko

Tan Jun Hui

Luo Jiale

Joshua Goh Tuan Heng

Zhang Juyuan

Singapore Youth Festival 2021 – Choir 


Junior High

Participation Guan Zihan

Lai Jayden Alim

See Yi Xuan Matilda

Elliot Hwong Rui Teng

Lam Kang Rui

Nicole Phua Yew Rong

Sinadi Nethaya Rathnayaka

Nicole Wong Hui Qi

Tan Yee Ting, Emily

Jayden Seow Yu Hong

Kee Bing Xu Jayden

Anushakthi Velu

Low Ray Teng

Zhang Xuanyi

Beatrice Foo Yaqi (Fu Yaqi)

Iva Ning En Dyba

Tan Tiak Loong, Jethro

Ava Lak Sze Leng

May Yu Khin Khin

Eunice Goh Zi Ying

Amanda Lee Yee Xuan

Soh Yan Xi

Rae Tang

Joanna Yeo Rui-En

How Yun Hsuen Inge

Tok Song Dih Matthias

Yang Weixiong

Anandita Bora

Julia Yap

Kaylen Yeo

Li Jia Yi

Wong Sam Tou

Zara Saliha Qi Qi Polatdemir

Liew Yan Xin Jovan

Krystal Ong Shi Hui

Puah Min

Cholan Abenaya

Nikitha Lakshmanan

Shen Zihan

Dai Jiaying

Zhang Yuke

Wu Ruixi


Achievements on the Sports Front
National School Shooting Championships Air Rifle B Division Girls Individual Second Loveley Ng
Air Pistol B Division Girls Team Second Sam Ning En Amelia Faith

Chua Zi Xin Rachel

Cheyanne Tang Rui Ying

Kulandaivel Udayar Senthilkumar Lakshayaa

Air Pistol A Division Boys Team Second Lin Zeshen

Loke Rui Heng Ryan

Alexander Yaw Kai Mun

Ding Yi Chaw Maung

NTU Invitational Shoot Air Pistol B Division Girls Team 1st Chua Zi Xin Rachel

Sam Ning En Amelia Faith

Cheyanne Tang

Kulandaivel Udayar Senthilkumar Lakshayaa

B Division Air Pistol Girls Individual 4th Chua Zi Xin Rachel
Air Rifle B Division Girls Team 3rd Bian Lingzhu

Loveley Ng

Goh Pei Wen Charmaine

To Rui Xuan

Air Rifle B Division Girls Individual 3rd Bian Lingzhu
Air Pistol A Division Boys Team 2nd Loke Rui Heng Ryan

Alexander Yaw Kai Mun

Lin Zeshen

Ding Yi Chaw Maung

Air Pistol A Division Boys Individual 3rd Alexander Yaw Kai Mun
Cross Country/Track and Field

Virtual Inter-School Challenge 2021

A Division Boys Team 3rd Bryan Ong Ren Hean

Chaw Qi Zhi

Hari Krishnan Nandakumar

Ken Hayashi

Ong Yan Ern Wayne

Tan Chong Wei Sebastian

A Division Boys Individual 3rd Bryan Ong Ren Hean
A Division Boys Individual 12th Chaw Qi Zhi
A Division Boys Individual 17th Ong Yan Ern Wayne
A Division Boys 20th Ken Hayashi
A Division Girls Team 2nd Jaiganesh Shre Vidhya

Koh Jun Ning Cheryl

Lau Sook Yeang Mary Anne

Samantha Suchita Wibawa

Shannon Lam Shan Ning

Tvisha Rhea Sivakumar

A Division Girls Individual 4th Samantha Suchita Wibawa
A division Girls Individual 6th Lau Sook Yeang Mary Anne
A Division Girls Individual 10th Jaiganesh Shre Vidhya
A Division Girls Individual 12th Koh Jun Ning Cheryl
A Division Girls 17th Tvisha Rhea Sivakumar
A Division Girls Individual 20th Shannon Lam Shan Ning
B Division Boys Individual 18th Fang Chen
B Division Girls Team 4th Debby Teng Qin Xuan

Finja Yin Reinhardt

Kuek Yu Jing

Lau Yi Kit Ruth

Laura Tan Wen Xi

Sarah Maelisa Wibawa

B Division Girls Individual 13th Sarah Maelisa Wibawa
B Girls Individual 17th
Debby Teng Qin Xuan
B Division Girls Individual 18th Laura Tan Wen Xi
C Division Girls Team 4th Cordelia Ong Hai Yu

Crystal Neo Le Wei

Kumar Neha

Nico Ong Ying Rong

Nur Irdina Binte Mohammad Shah

Shanice Tan Haridas

C Division Girls Individual 6th Shanice Tan Haridas


We sincerely thank you for joining us in commemorating our 52nd e-College Day. Now, we warmly welcome all to join us, as we end off this momentous occasion with a specially produced video of the College Anthem.