Astronomy Club

NJC Astronomy Club strives to debunk the perception that astronomy is a niche interest requiring much specialisation by making it accessible to the general student population.

Through the pursuit of knowledge, critical thinking, and the innate curiosity to explore our universe, we aim to create astronomers who think deeply and nurture others. Our vision is for all to see astronomy as the key to explore the universe. We place great importance in finding the balance between enhancing the technical skills and proficiency of our members, as well as creating outreach opportunities with other clubs and the general public to foster bonds within and outside the Astronomy Community. Our CCA conducts many multifaceted activities for our members. We provide them with knowledge about astronomy and skills such as data analysis and critical thinking through lectures and hands-on training sessions. These skills not only equip them to compete in annual astronomy competitions, but even help them in various other fields. NJC Astronomy also hosts a large range of advanced astronomy equipment, with the High Resolution Solar Research Observatory (HISRO) – South East Asia’s largest amature solar observatory – being our proud possession among many others. Data collected from HISRO has produced multiple scientific papers, out of which two have even been recognised and published in European Physical Journal.

In 2021, NJC Astronomy Club came in first runner up in Astrochallenge, an annual competition participated by many Astronomy Clubs in Singapore. Our members also fared well in the Singapore Astronomy Olympiad and International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition. Not only do we strive for personal excellence, but we also acknowledge the importance of giving back to our community via organising public-access events to view important astronomy phenomena, and sharing our facilities. For example, people who are interested in exploring the sun can access HISRO to conduct solar research.

“Astronomia Pro Missis”