Image 01The CCA allows students to pursue their interest in playing the game competitively and to level up their skills under the guidance of the badminton coach and their teammates.

Two 3-hour court training sessions that incorporate footwork and racquet skills are conducted every week . In addition, the players conduct their own physical training on every Thursday morning to build up their stamina. The CCA also aims to contribute to the larger community through the various self-initiated VIA projects undertaken by the players.

To align with the College’s mission of grooming leaders who serve with honour, apportunities are provided for every member to be involved in planning/leading in at least one CCA-related activity to hone their leadership skills. On the whole, the Badminton Team stands by it’s mission to groom not only resilient athletes, but also self-motivated individuals who will pursue success in all aspects of their lives and inspiring people around them with respectful and sensitive care.

“Diving for every shuttle, striving to always be better”