Image 01NJC’s BizTech focuses on the scholarly appreciation and innovative application of technologies. More specifically, the club primarily focuses on 3 main topics: (i) Computing, (ii) Robotics, and (iii) Business.

The club’s computing focus includes instruction on computing and programming fundamentals, and the preparation for various competitions including Hackahons (e.g., Code:XtremeApps), Competitive Programming (e.g., the National Olympiad in Informatics), and other computing-related conferences and symposiums.

The club’s robotics focus includes the construction of machines — especially those programmable by a computer — that are capable of autonomously performing a complex series of actions, as well as the preparation for various robotics competitions (e.g., RoboCup Singapore Open, National Robotics Competition).

The club’s business focus includes training for ideation, development of proposals and presentation skills. There is also emphasis on the preparation for various business-related competitions (e.g., the Youth Innovation Challenge, Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award).

“Imagine and Innovate”