Chinese Dance

Image 01NJC Chinese Dance (NJCD) brings together students from all six levels, with or without dance backgrounds, to develop an appreciation for Chinese culture and dance as an art form. Dance grants an outlet for creative self-expression, while the increased awareness of our bodies enhances our meta-cognition. More importantly, NJCD aims to inculcate values such as resilience, discipline and a sense of commaradarie in our dancers. Rather than dance with just our feet, we dance with our hearts as well.

NJCD blends traditional elements into contemporary Chinese Dance, thus enabling our students to connect with their roots. We are proud to showcase our hard work via various platforms, including the Singapore Youth Festival, the bi-annual combined dance concert, Aristal, College celebrations such as the Chinese New Year concert, Community Involvement Projects, and adhoc public performances such as the 2019 Mid-Autumn Festival at the Esplanade (Moonfest 艺满春秋) and the 2020 Chinese New Year celebrations at the Istana. To cultivate a sense of ownership in NJCD, our dancers get the freedom to choreograph their own performance for the annual Senior High CCA Carnival. Our dancers also hone their leadership and organisational skills by planning training sessions and other activities, actively managing the budget and inventory, and supporting the socio-emotional welfare of their peers.

To find out more about NJC Chinese Dance, follow our instagram at, or our youtube channel NJChinese Dance.

“Dancing with the feet is one thing Dancing with the heart is another”