Pre-requisites to join CCA
Students need to pass a simple audition conducted by the Conductor and teachers. No music background is required. A love of singing is a must.

About our CCA
National Junior College (NJC) is Singapore’s first junior college. The NJC Choir was established in 1969, the year the College was founded.  Since then, the Choir has gained the reputation of being one of the finest school choirs in Singapore.The NJC Choir has achieved an unbroken record of choral excellence since 1969 and it has produced 43 years of choristers since then. Its aims in support of Strategic Objective I7 – to cultivate appreciation of the arts in all students and enable talented students to attain world-class standards in niche CCAs – are:


  • To continue to maintain the College’s fine tradition of choral excellence so as to bring honour to the College.
  • To provide students (both with and without music qualifications) with a love for singing with the opportunity to continue to develop their interest and skill in, and knowledge about singing as part of the College’s programme to develop our student aesthetically.
  • To provide many opportunities (such as events within and outside the College and even those on a national and international level) for students to showcase what they have learnt.
  • To provide students with many opportunities for character building and leadership through the rigours of being in the Choir so as to develop them emotionally, morally and socially.
  • To promote the ties between the Choir and (i) the parents of Choir members, (ii) the community and (iii) the Choir Alumni (established since 1994).

Festival Of Songs (40th International Choir Festival) at Olomouc, Czech Republic

In addition, the Choir contributes actively to the lively arts scene in College, through its own annual public concerts as well as through collaborative performances with other groups in College. It also sings at many College events such as the SISC and College Day.

The Choir has enjoyed success at the biennial Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging of Choirs by attaining mainly Gold or Gold with Honours Awards every time. In 2011, the College fielded the JH Choir for the first time at the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Central Judging of Choirs (Secondary) and won a Gold With Honours Award. That same year, the SH Choir won a Gold Award at the Central Judging of Choirs (Junior College).

The NJC Choir has also competed at international choral festivals in Wales, Australia (Sydney), Germany, Italy and Ireland. Our recent achievements include participating in the 40TH Festival of Songs in Olomouc, the Czech Republic (9 June 2012). We took part in the Youth Category for singers up to 19 years of age (Gold Diploma) and the Superior Category for singers up to 25 years of age (Gold Diploma). The Choir was 1 of 6 Choirs selected by the adjudicators to compete for the title of Absolute Festival Winner.

Development Programmes and Enrichment Opportunities
CCA-based VIA, competitions, workshops, camps, interaction and performance opportunities with the Senior High Choir and also the Choir Alumni including the possibility of trips overseas, leadership opportunities.