Image 01NJC’s Choir aims to maintain the fine tradition of choral excellence so as to bring honour to the College. We provide students who are passionate about choral singing with opportunities to develop their knowledge and proficiency in the performance of choral pieces through progressive and rigourous training programmes with expert instructors at the Junior High and Senior High levels.

There are opportunities within and outside the College, at the national or international level, for students to display their talents and skills. We also provide opportunities for leadership and character building through student-directed initiatives that are meaningful and engaging. We build strong relations between the Choir and stakeholders (teachers, conductors, students, alumni and the community) through interaction and collaborative efforts.

The National Junior College Choir of Singapore (established 1969) aims to continue to build on its tradition of choral excellence so as to enable our members to attain world-class standards. This will be done in particular through nurturing their deep passion for choral singing and cultivating in them a strong sense of character and mental strength. All this will lead ultimately to bringing honour to the College and Country.