Guitar Ensemble

Guitar 01Mission
To cultivate the passion for music through the love of guitar, maximizing the potential in each aspiring musician.

Trailblazing the Guitar Music Program, Scaling the Ladder of Excellence

We are from the NJC Guitar Ensemble and we aim to develop each member of the ensemble into performers, skilled at playing the guitar, whilst enjoying the music, as well as each other’s company.

We play a wide repertoire of music that range from pop songs to classical pieces. We have a strong peer support environment, whereby both seniors and peers would help each other in their learning of the instrument, and have fun in the process.

To help us to gain experience in playing in front of a crowd, we perform during College events and put up public performances such as our charity concert, Reverie, held at Jubilee Hall (Raffles Hotel) in 2014. These learning experiences will give us the necessary practice and opportunity to gain confidence so that we will be ready to take part in national competitions such as the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation and play in front of international audience during our overseas exchanges.

We have made good progress in the development of our musical skills and have sustained excellent achievements in recent years – both our Junior High and Senior High ensembles were awarded the Certificate of Distinction in the 2013 Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation and NJC Guitar Ensemble was the top distinction holder for 2013 Trinity Music Exam.

In addition to striving for excellence in performance, we are also committed to serving the community and we collaborate with YMCA on a long-term community involvement project. Additionally, our members are trained to become servant leaders when we take up leadership positions within Guitar Ensemble or be in the sub-committees for events such as the annual camp and concert.


Development of our musical skills

We help our CCA members to develop their musical skills and appreciation for music in the following ways:

1.    CAFÉ Programme for JH1 Students: JH1 students interested in taking JH Guitar Ensemble can participate in the CAFÉ programme to learn the basic skills of guitar playing and music notes reading. This programme will also help them to gain a better understanding of how to play the guitar in an ensemble setting.

2.    Main Ensemble programmes:
a.    Music Theory Sessions: We build a strong music foundation by developing our theoretical knowledge of guitar playing and notes reading and devoting at least 15 minutes of every practice to finger exercises.
b.    Peer Coaching: We have a strong and conducive learning environment to help all members to learn the skills even if they do not have music background, as long as they are committed to learn the guitar playing skills.

3.    Music Accreditation Programmes: We take part in the Trinity Guildhall Music Accreditation to benchmark and develop our Guitar Skills though the Trinity Music School Syllabus. The Alignment of our Accreditation program using Trinity Music Syllabus would provide the opportunity for global exposure and talent development.

4.    Music Exchange Programme: To have a more enriching experience and collaborative opportunities, we organise exchange programmes within and outside the school community such as lunch time recital and inviting external ensembles to perform at our own concert.

5.    Master Class: Our students have the privilege to attend master classes with a top instructor, Mr Kobayashi from Japan.