Interact Club


A community of servant leaders who touch, connect, inspire lives.


Active citizens who demonstrate altruism with sensitivity and steadfastness in their service to society. (Service before Self)


Compassion, Altruism, Resilience, Enterprise (CARE)

NJC Interact Club provides a platform for like-minded individuals to get involved in meaningful service projects. Every week  we volunteer  at three organisations – Carehut (Wednesday), Ang Mo Kio Thye Hua Kwan Hospital (Saturday) and MCYC (Saturday) and in the process learnt to become better communicators and collaborators, deepened our empathic concern for others and developed ways to be creative in all initiatives undertaken to bring joy to those we reach out to.

We have enjoyed many opportunities for self-development and through our involvement in such events and programmes we have brought about greater awareness of Service before Self to community.