Interact Club

Inspiring a shared vision

Image 01Interact Club’s mission to build a community of servant leaders is guided by the values of gratitude, compassion, altruism, resilience and enterprise (GRACE). No task is too big or too small. Interactors work together, support one another as we strive to do our very best.

Our Service 

Proactive in community service, Interactors play a pivotal role in our regular volunteering sessions as we constantly think of new ways to design activities to value-add and engage. From planning and conducting lessons beyond the textbook for young students at CareHut to being a pillar of friendly support as we guide the students of Epworth in their academic work and bringing cheer to the residents of NTUC Health Nursing Home.

Giving back beyond our Service

A well-established CCA with a long history in NJC, we actively seek collaborations with others. Interactors have cleaned the homes of the elderly@Lower Delta with friends from other NJC CCAs, harvested vegetables from NJC’s community garden benefiting the students and their families at Epworth, and led the school community in commemorating International Friendship Day. Opportunities are abound for interactors.  Interactors can expect to expand their skill set with attendance at Rotary Club’s annual Interact Leadership Training Camp, actual hands-on experiences brought about by volunteering sessions, meet new friends and connect with like-minded people. If this speaks to you, come join us! 

“Touch. Connect. Inspire.”