Malay Dance

Image 01The National Junior College Malay Dance (NJCMD) epitomizes uniqueness and cultural integration. Our dance troupe consists of students from multi-ethnic backgrounds: Chinese, Indian, Javanese, Burmese, Korean, Indonesian and Malay students. Every culture has its own beauty and we are more beautiful together in our diversity. This multi-ethnic composition adds to the vibrancy of NJCMD and encourages mutual growth through dance with fellow dance mates.

Every dancer strives to execute their movements to the best of their ability so that we can engage, amaze and inspire. Without any verbal communication, dance has the ability to transcend language boundaries and bring different communities together. We believe in stringing our individual stories, dancing in unison, synchronizing even our breaths and growing as a family. Being different doesn’t mean we can’t be one. We participate in the NJC dance concert, Aristal, which is a platform where our dancers are able to pursue their passion and talent. We also celebrate youth vitality through the showcasing of diverse and high standards of artistic talents and creativity.

Malay dance is not only about the series of routine and the monotonous memory work of dance steps but built on character, emotions, teamwork and discipline. Besides cultivating appreciation of the Arts in all students, we aim to develop leaders based on the principles of servant leadership. Student leaders are actively involved in management of the CCA which includes budget planning and creating opportunities for every dance member to develop their leadership skills and experience social emotional learning through the arts. Besides striving for personal excellence as a dancer, we value opportunities which allow dancers to tap on their own unique strengths in contributing back to society through our VIA engagements.

“Being different doesn’t mean we can’t be one.”