Mathematics Society

Image 01NJC Mathematics Society organises a series of events annually at both national and college levels. Through these events, our members have the opportunities to develop the leadership skills, to forge strong bonds and to spread the passion for Mathematics to others.

The table below shows the list of our events by every year:

Name of event Target Audience Date
CCA Carnival SH1 Cohort Feb
Intra-College Mathematics Competition All NJC Students Feb
M-Rush All NJC Students Feb
Primary School Mathematics Challenge All Singapore Primary Schools Mar
CCA Camp MathSoc Members Mar
Secondary Mathematics Challenge All Singapore Secondary Schools Apr
CCA Outings MathSoc Members Not fixed

Our Weekly Training Sessions

The weekly training sessions are typically planned and conducted by our student training managers. We share interesting findings and ideas with the members and play bonding games sometimes. Members are also welcome to join us to make our sessions more engaging and enriching.

Our Value-In-Action (VIA) Project (Ulu Pandan Stars Programme)

Our VIA project aims to provide primary school children from low income families with a high-quality education that we believe they deserve. Every week, we will be going down to the community centre to teach primary school students Mathematics. Some of us will be preparing lesson plans and the others will be the student tutors to carry out the lessons.

Other Opportunities as a NJC MathSoc Member

NJC MathSoc members are sponsored to take part in most of the major mathematics competitions, such as Singapore Mathematics Olympiads and Australian Mathematics Competitions. In addition, some of our members will be selected to represent the College in various prestigious competitions, such as Singapore Mathematics Project Festival and Singapore International Mathematics Challenge. Members will also have the opportunities to attend enrichment talks and programmes organised by NUS, NTU and other prestigious universities overseas.

Chess Wing

The Chess Wing was formed as part of the NJC MathSoc as an avenue for students with an interest in chess to gather and train together under the guidance of a chess trainer.  These students will then participate in various chess tournaments held at different times of the year. Students are welcome to join the Chess Wing regardless of their playing strength or amount of prior competitive chess experience.

Our Annual Tournaments

Every year, members of the Chess Wing participate in some or all of the tournaments listed in the table below.  Through these events, members will have the opportunity to improve in their competency level in the game and gain valuable competition experience, as well as bond with their teammates.  Members are also encouraged to participate in other chess tournaments not listed below to further contribute to their learning and progress in chess.

Name of event Target Audience Date
National Schools Individual Chess Championships JH1 to SH2 March
JJC Chess Tournament JH1 to SH2 April
Hwa Chong Mindsports Championships JH1 to SH2 April
Raffles Chess Championships JH1 to SH2 May
National Inter-School Team Chess Championships JH1 to SH2 September
CCA Outings MathSoc Members Not fixed

Our Weekly Training Sessions 

Our training sessions are held once a week and typically conducted by a *FIDE-certified chess trainer.  On other occasions, the training sessions will be conducted by Chess Wing members or the teacher-in-charge.

*Fédération Internationale des Échecs (World Chess Federation)