Outdoor Activities Club (OAC)

Outdoor Activities Club 02The NJC Outdoor Activities Club (OAC) stands proud as an enthusiastic family which continually seeks new adventures and finds new ways to challenge ourselves outdoors. The Club’s mission is to learn skills which will enable members to handle the outdoors, and to engage in activities that allow the development of resilience and perseverance. We have steely determination and we relentlessly challenge our limits.

The Club is guided by the following Core Values:

  • Outgoing – Being energetic and enthusiastic at all times.
  • Adventurous – Unafraid of trying out new things.
  • Creative – Coming up with new ideas to challenge ourselves.

With these in mind, it is the goal of the Club to be proficient in applying the skills learnt in challenging and surviving the outdoors, and to be physically fit and mentally resilient in overcoming the obstacles and challenges encountered. We go for relevant courses such as the Kayaking One-Star, Sport Climbing Level One ,and First Aid Course, to equip ourselves with the necessary skills to attain our goals.

Some of our annual events include the Night Hike, Orientation Camp and Annual Camp. There are also ad-hoc events such as kayaking expeditions. In addition, the OAC challenges its members regularly, by signing up for external competitions such as the NTU OAC Adventure Challenge and the National Vertical Marathon.