CCA Vision: 
The Political and Current Affairs Society (POLITICAS) aims to bring together young like-minded NJCians with a passion for politics and current affairs. NJC POLITICAS will provide formal training for *Model United Nations Conferences, as well as conferences such as the Singapore Model Parliament and Model ASEAN.

The society serves as a platform for students to discuss local and global affairs on a deeper level.

CCA sessions encourage members to think critically and quickly on their feet, in tandem with the 7 thinking dispositions model, with added emphasis on the disposition of being broad thinking and adventurous, to be intellectually careful, have sustained intellectual curiosity, plan and be strategic. Members will be confident and articulate speakers.

*The Model United Nations (MUNs) is a simulation of a real United Nations (UN) conference where participants role-play as diplomats representing member states on issues which the UN discusses. The participants debate in a simulated session of an organ (committee) of the UN, such as the Security Council or the General Assembly.

CCA Mission: 

  1. To provide students with the opportunity to meet like-minded peers who are passionate about political and current affairs.
  2. To develop students who are informed of and can think critically about political and current affairs, on the domestic and international front.
  3. To develop confident NJC students who are able to express their views clearly, concisely and coherently to an audience.
  4. To contribute to a lively and joyful environment in NJC by engaging in meaningful discussions on political and current affairs.

Visit our website to stay connected: https://sites.google.com/site/njcpoliticas13/home