Subjects Offered in Junior High

Here in National Junior College, we offer a wide range of subjects/programmes that may be learned at Junior High.


Jh Adv Ed Jh Aesthetics Jh Boarding
Jh Cca Jh Cce Jh Pe


Humanities and the Arts

Jh Adv Hum Jh Aep Jh Elit
Jh Gap Jh Geography Jh Gs
Jh History Jh Music


Knowledge Skills and Languages

Jh Hmtl Jh La Jh Mtl
Jh Tk Jh Fl


Science and Mathematics

Jh Aim Jh Adv Sci Jh Bio
Jh Chemistry Jh Is Jh Math
Jh Physics Jh Spire Jh Steam