Junior High History Curriculum

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In the Junior High (JH) campus, all students will read History in JH1 and JH2. They will decide at the end of JH2 whether to read History at the Upper JH levels. 

The JH History team adopts an inquiry-based approach, which provides a framework to inquire into, organise and explain events that have happened. Through engagement in the craft of a historian, we foster curiosity, increase intellectual engagement and build a deep understanding in our students.

The Lower Secondary History syllabuses seek to imbue in our students a sense of national identity by helping them understand the Singapore they live in today. This will require students to first understand the relevance of Singapore’s past in shaping Singapore’s unique position. It also aims to set the study of Singapore’s history within the context of developments from the 14th century to the 1970s. Lower Secondary History students also undertake Historical Investigation projects, where 

The Upper Secondary History syllabuses focuses on developing students’ understanding of how the present world system came into being, and the inter-connectedness of nation-states and peoples. Students will examine how the colonisation of Southeast Asia resulted in conflict expanding to a global scale during WWI and WW2, the interwar years and the outbreak of WW2, developments in the Cold War, as well as the rise of nationalist forces in Southeast Asia that led to independence in after WW2. 

Students who demonstrate great passion and potential in the subject have the opportunity to be placed on the MOE History Talent Development Programme.