Language Arts

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In the Junior High Language Arts Departments, we believe that language is the vehicle of thought and learning; and that it is important for all students to use the English language well. Language is not just a tool for thinking, learning and the sharing of learning, it is also a tool for socializing, and a means for articulating opinions, dreams and aspirations. Language acquisition sets us on the paths of all other academic endeavours and of self-discovery. We would like to see that NJCians who have completed 4 years of IP are effective communicators in both speech and writing.

The Language Arts curriculum in the Junior High years focuses on developing students to be proficient in the 4 competencies of language learning, which coupled with critical thinking skills will prepare them well for the A level examinations, and life beyond the classroom. There is a well laid-out plan spiralling over the 4 JH years to develop the skills required for the GP Examination Syllabus at the Senior High level. Enrichment opportunities abound for students who display flair in the language and literary arts. These come in the form of competitions as well as extension activities.

Students who enjoy and are sensitive to literary language will thrive in the Advance Language Arts class, where like-minded students engage in deep discussions and debate over texts and real-world issues highlighted by the texts. There are various opportunities for enrichment and extension in the form of literary research projects.