Art Elective Programme

Art Elective Programme
Creatives of Tomorrow:
Dare to Dream, Care to Make

This is the mission of the National Junior College Art Elective Programme (AEP@NJC).

AEP@NJC strives to nurture and develop passion, for those who wish to make a change in our future world.

Beginning in 1985, we are the first junior college to offer the Art Elective Programme (AEP). Our AEP students have performed consistently well throughout the years and received top accolades in major competitions like UOB Painting of the Year, Singapore Youth Festival Art & Crafts Exhibition, Young Designer’s Award, to name a few. AEP at NJC has indeed come a long way with its successful extension to a six-year integrated programme in 2013.

Under this Programme, students are offered the opportunity to experiment and develop their capacity for critical and creative thinking through various approaches to idea generation and art-making. In their graduating year, an Art exhibition is presented in the Art Gallery as a showcase of their enriching journey in the Programme, a curatorial process that is integral to the contemporary function of art practice.

The Programme emphasises the theoretical aspect of Art. All AEP students undergo a course in the critical and historical aspects of both Southeast Asian and Western Art, which provides them with the foundational knowledge for Art criticism and understanding of visual culture. Their experience is further enhanced by first-hand exposure to authentic artworks exhibited in local and international galleries and museums during regular enrichment trips during the school term.

Why choose AEP@NJC?

Graduates of our Programme excel in:

Embracing multiple perspectives and interpretations
• Generating original solutions and possibilities for problem solving
• Overcoming obstacles and tackling complex challenges
• Innovating with new materials and processes
• Risk-taking to chart new milestones

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” – Albert Einstein.

1) Studio Practice
•Elegant task-based challenges, self-directed idea generation with guided autonomy, principle-based exercises.
•Visual journaling, gathering & research, material exploration, process experimentation, aesthetic troubleshooting, and problem-solving.
•Exhibition & showcase, curation, and presentations

2) Visual Cultures and Literacy
•In-depth investigation into art history and visual cultures
•Disciplinary literacy in academic art writing, based on observation, critique and discourse.

3) Authentic and Experiential Learning
•Masterclasses and conversations with professional artists/ arts practitioners
•Visits to professional artist studios and working spaces
•Participation in industry-based events and competitions
•Learning journeys to exhibitions in museums and galleries
•Visits to other schools showcasing works by Art students

4) Wider AEP Fraternity
AEP students are part of a wider AEP fraternity, comprising 7 secondary schools and 3 junior colleges. Throughout the year, AEP students gather together for combined activities and workshops.

These include:
•Secondary 1 Inter-School AEP Workshop
•Secondary 3 Inter-School AEP Workshop, in partnership with Art, Design & Media Faculty, Nanyang Technological University
•JC1 Baby Tropical Lab, co-organised by MOE & LaSalle College of the Arts

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