Malay Language Elective Programme

2020 was a memorable year for NJC as we were appointed the newest Malay Language Elective Programme (MLEP) centre (along with Raffles Institution) by the Ministry of Education (MOE), joining the ranks of three other centres. The pioneer cohort consists of ten students, of whom five are scholars awarded the MLEP scholarship by MOE.  

During the two-year programme, students will embark on various enrichment modules pertaining to Malay Language (ML) and culture.  Mlep 2Signature modules such as Introduction to Translation, Malay Song Appreciation and Movie Appreciation were developed in-house and conducted during MLEP sessions. These modules are designed with the purpose of further enhancing students’ proficiency in ML and deepening their love for the culture, through activities such as as role-playing as translators representing different fields. Mlep

Through the MLEP, we hope to nurture students who demonstrate both linguistic and intercultural competence. These students will in turn be our language and cultural ambassadors who will bring the language and culture to greater heights in years to come. Click here to watch our outreach video. 

Students may appeal into NJC via DSA or JAE through the NJC Malay Language Elective Programme. For any queries, you may contact our Malay Language teachers at the following emails:

Name of ML Teacher Email
Ms Iryianna Ahmad
Mdm Artina Selamat

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