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With the ever-increasing pervasiveness of computers, the utility of Computing Knowledge (or Computer Science) has grown in importance. This is also evident in Singapore through programmes such as the Smart Nation initiative. H2 Computing is a subject that aims to develop in students skills and concepts fundamental to Computer Science such as Python Programming, Algorithms and Data Structures, Computational Problem-solving, Object-oriented Programming, Database Modelling, Computer Networks and Web Application Development.

The NJC curriculum for H2 Computing is designed to focus on both the theoretical and practical aspects. During lessons, students will practice coding and apply the concepts and skills learnt to solve various artificial and real-world problems. Students can expect opportunities to participate in various Computing related events and competitions such as the annual NUS SOC National Olympiad in Informatics, Hackathons (e.g., NTU SCSE Computing Challenge, CodeXtreme Apps), and other Symposia and Conferences. Students who demonstrate outstanding aptitude and ability can expect diverse learning opportunities through the pursuit of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Machine Learning research projects. As a subject in the curriculum, H2 Computing creates opportunities for students to develop 21st Century competencies through the way students learn to become self-directed learners who will develop into confident people who are civic-minded and active contributors.