English Language and Linguistics

Linguistics is a subject that studies language through a scientific lens. In English Language and Linguistics, students learn linguistic concepts and theories using English both as medium of instruction as well as artifact for study. At the end of the course in NJC, students will cultivate a deeper appreciation of the natural wonder that is human language. They will learn what makes language work, or what causes language to be ineffective. They will learn how to empathise with different perspectives with a practical toolkit for effective communication. They will learn to be discerning about how language is used to address different audiences and achieve different purposes in manners that suit different contexts.

Students reading English Language and Linguistics can expect to be challenged to think critically about the language that they produce and consume, as well as examine real-world issues related to language. They will examine how language is used within social contexts and how language both influences and is influenced by social and political forces in society. They will engage with a variety of different texts from different modes of communication in their journey to becoming a masterful user of language.