Literature in English

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Studying Literature is studying people, perspectives, cultures, and civilisations.   From the stories we encounter, we learn about the world: the values we hold dear, the issues seen and unseen, the conversations we need, but may not always have. Through Literature, students develop their hearts and minds. As students cultivate their sensitivity to language, they begin to appreciate not just the tales told, but also the various ways words come together to create meaning and beauty.

In National Junior College, we aspire to develop not just our passion for reading, but also a keen curiosity to explore the lives we lead and do not lead, a mind open to possibilities perhaps not yet considered, and a heart that savours every experience to be encountered. Lessons are centred on discussions that allow students to put their academic skills to practice, and at the same time, consider various opinions about issues relevant to their lives. Students will also get the chance to experience learning outside of the classroom through various enrichment opportunities such as our in-house film programme as well as yearly trips to the theatres. 

We offer Literature in English at the H2 Level, with Paper 1, Reading Literature, and Paper 3, The Mind and Self in Literature.