Innovation & Enterprise

Innovation & Enterprise


Innovation & Enterprise (I & E) is an important life-skill which will equip our young well for life’s challenges. Intellectual curiosity, spirit of initiative and strength of character are I & E attributes that must be grounded on the core values of integrity, social responsibility and respect for others.

In NJC, we adopt a whole College, integrated approach to nurturing I & E attributes and values in our students. Whether it is in the classroom or the various co-curricular activities, opportunities for I & E abound. We adopt 4 key philosophies in this endeavour:

1. Getting students to question when they learn
Intellectual Curiosity: a willingness to think originally
2. Providing space for our students to develop passion in what they do
Spirit of Initiative: a willingness to do something differently even if there is a risk of failure
3. Developing ruggedness of mind in our students
Strength of Character: an ability to bounce back, try again and be willing to stand as a team, to lead a team and to fight as a team
4. Nurturing a spirit of ‘giving back’ to the community in our students
Social Responsibility: a deep sense of service and commitment to the community

As part of our College’s I & E efforts, we collaborated with EDB and opened our I & E Hub in October 2005. The hub is not exclusively opened for I&E Club members, but also for the rest of the college who might want to utilise the creative space for their lessons and projects.

To promote the spirit of risk taking, adventure and leadership, we also actively encourage our students to come up with their own project proposals for anything under the sun via our Student-Initiated project scheme, looked after by the Student Council.

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