NJC Music Programme celebrates its 10th Anniversary

In 2016, the NJC Music Programme celebrated its 10th anniversary since its inception in 2006. Hear from our ex-music students as they reflect on their experiences in the NJC Music Programme and how it has impacted their lives.

Gayle Sim, MOE teaching scholarship (local-overseas) Awardee, 2010 Awardee of the College Aesthetics Award, Musicology major, King’s College London

‘Being in the NJC Music Programme has allowed me to have a very well-rounded music education, with the teachers focusing equally on all the aspects of music. Not only do the teachers make sure that music history is taught in a way that shows how it makes a difference to us as performers, rather than memorizing dates and facts simply to pass exams, we are also given numerous opportunities to perform. At the same time, the school ensures that we are given sufficient rooms and pianos to prepare for such performances, with rooms equipped with two grand pianos, allowing us to try out repertoire that require more than one piano; pieces that we would not be able to practice nor perform in normal circumstances. There is never a dull moment in the programme and all music lovers will definitely enjoy being in the company of both teachers and peers who are deeply passionate about their work.’

Phoon Yu, Composition major, Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of music

‘To me, the NJC Music Programme did not merely teach music as a subject, but gave me a holistic education. A wide variety of enrichment activities such as masterclasses, field trips and overseas trips alongside regular lessons helped to give us a good grounding in all aspects of music in general, enabling us to see it from a more informed perspective. Throughout my course of study, teachers in the Programme did not just impart information, but also continually inspired and encouraged us as our mentors and coaches. The Programme had access to a large and unparalleled assortment of music-related resources, such as scores and academic books, which I found extremely helpful. Regardless of one’s level or type of interest in music, I feel there is always something new to learn.’

Ng Shou Jin, MOE teaching scholarship (overseas) Awardee, Musicology Major, Royal Holloway, University of London

‘Music lessons have never been the same ever since I entered the Music Programme in NJC. The lessons conducted are interactive and leave students with thought provoking ideas, thus freeing us from simply learning by rote. The teachers are among the most dedicated I have ever met, and are very willing to sacrifice their precious time to ensure that they groom their students to their full potential. The NJC Music Department also boasts a rich array of resources to ensure that we are able to enhance our knowledge of music. In my opinion, the most memorable experiences in the NJC Music Programme are the ones in which we make music with our friends, trying out different forms and genres such as piano trios or accompaniments, which our teachers strongly encourage. This way, not only do we get to bond with our friends through the subject we love most, we also learn the importance of musicianship in a group, a skill that is important but many lack. All in all, the experience gathered after going through the Music Programme in NJC has been the best throughout my years of schooling, and has inspired me to pursue a career in music.’