The NJC Music Programme started out in 2006 with 2 levels, but has grown considerably since and now offers a six-year programme that culminates at ‘A’ Level where students can offer H2 Music. The Programme believes in providing students with a holistic and unique learning experience through an eclectic range of enrichment activities such as biennial overseas music trips, regular performing opportunities, master classes and workshops by renowned music professors, composers, Academics and concert artists, in a bid to inspire students toward musical excellence.

The Programme features a unique curriculum that aims to equip students with acute listening and practical musicianship skills, instill confidence in music making and writing, as well as to provide a rigorous curriculum that demands higher-order critical thinking and independent inquiry abilities. This will enable students to develop as a well-rounded musician to face up to contemporary challenges in their pursuit of their passion.

The Music students have clinched innumerable awards in music competitions held at the national level such as the Singapore Music Teachers’ Association (SMTA) Music Festival and the National Piano and Violin Competition while others have represented the College in international music festivals, such as the Perugia Music Festival 2010 held in Italy. Many of the music students who are also in the NJC Piano Ensemble, an affiliated CCA to the Programme, are privileged to invaluable opportunities to perform as soloists in concertos with the College chamber orchestra, which comprises members from the Symphonic Band and String Orchestra. Other student-initiated collaborations and musical arrangements are not uncommon amongst passionate music students. By and large, all music students get to perform throughout the year at the Esplanade Concourse, Library@ Esplanade and the Esplanade Recital Studio. To prepare the students for these external performances, the Programme requires students to participate actively in regular lunchtime concerts in the College.

In addition, career talks are being conducted periodically to expose students to a multiplicity of music-related professions such as Music Therapy, Popular Music Production and Industry, Acoustics and Concert Programming, Ethnomusicology, etc so as to empower students to make informed decisions based on their personal interests and strengths.

The Programme is currently exploring possibilities for inter-disciplinary collaborative learning in music composition and history of the arts.

Students may appeal into NJC via DSA or JAE through the NJC Music Programme.

For more information, click here to visit our Official Music Programme Website or contact our Music teachers:

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Ms Gayle Sim
Mr Aaron Lum
Ms Lynette Yeo