Happy Teachers’ Day

Tomorrow is Teachers’ Day.

Today, I walked around the school and I saw joyful faces in all the classrooms as teachers and NJCians celebrated Teachers’ Day. I am grateful to my colleagues, NJCians and parents for forging meaningful relationships which focused on the wellbeing of NJCians. Parents, in particular, are supportive of what we do and how we would like your children to grow and develop in NJC. Thank you for your support.

From tomorrow, there will be a break of about a week. I would like to exhort all parents and NJCians to take care of yourselves so that we can all return to school Covid-free. To date, through all our combined efforts, we have navigated the past few months safely. As an NJCian community, we must create a safe environment for our SH2 students who will have their major exams in about 2 months. It is extremely crucial that our SH2 NJCians be ready and confident when they sit for the exams. As our community, it is incumbent on us to think about and for them, and be with them for their last lap in NJC. I am confident that all of us will provide our SH2 NJCians the support they need. Soon I will communicate with SH2 NJCians and parents on exam matters to allay their concerns regarding the forthcoming A-level Examinations. May I wish all parents and colleagues “Happy Teachers’ Day” as parents are teachers in many ways.

Service with Honour