Term 2 – 2021

We start the 2nd quarter of the year today. Time does pass by rapidly. We will continue to improve the infrastructure for learning, including aircon systems upgrade in the near future, “apple TV” installation in all JH classrooms and seminar rooms (for SH NJCians) to enhance learning, and a major R&R effort to upgrade the existing facilities.

For parents who drive, you might have felt the pain of rising petrol prices recently. In the same vein, all of us might feel the pain of rising utilities rates over the next few months. From today, electricity tariff will rise by more than 8%. Our school spends more than $300,000 on utilities, of which a higher proportion is on electricity. An 8% rise translates to a large sum of money, and this has to be taken from our school budget. Conservation of electricity would save money that could be put to better use. I would like to seek the assistance of all parents to remind NJCians to be frugal in the use of electricity. Every unit of electricity saved is crucial. On some evenings, I observe that lights and fans were not switched off after the last class had left.

On another note, some SH1 parents might have been alerted by your children that I have over the last 2 weeks been “looking after” 3 GP classes. I am happy to report that the students from these 3 classes were eager to learn. My, as well as my colleagues’, focus is to help our students to learn how to learn. For many in the 3 classes, it was the first time that they heard the terms “metacognition” and “metalanguage”. Metacognition is thinking about one’s thinking and metalanguage is the language that learners can use to talk about how they have used language in their communication. Metacognition and metalanguage will develop awareness of thinking and language respectively, which ultimately will help a learner to improve his/her thinking skills and use of language. May I wish all parents and NJCians a joyful 2nd quarter.