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  • 01 Jan 2016

    Telling the Truth

    May I wish all staff, students and parents a joyful and lively 2016.

    The end of year vacation has always been a time for me to read and reflect. Of the books I read, “On Lying” by Sam Harris made a deep impression.

    Harris focused on a practical ethical question: Is it wrong to lie?  To most of us, lying is wrong. However, many of us would feel that some situations might warrant lying.  Harris concluded that “virtuous” lies, if any, would not withstand scrutiny and truths are always worth telling.

    Harris defines lying as “to intentionally mislead others when they expect honest communication”. Note that it is the expectation of the recipient which is important.  If we chose to watch a magician’s performance, then we would not conclude that the magician had lied to us.

    The gist of this book is that we will be better people when we tell the truth.  I agree.  NJCsians – let us all resolve to tell the truth and be committed to do so.

    There is much more deep discussion in the book on lying and telling the truth. Do read the book if you wish to avail yourself of the discussion. It is available as an e-book in NLB’s collection.

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