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  • 18 May 2016

    Update on NJC’s Research Programme and Sports

    I wrote on 6 May about NJC’s research programme and sporting endeavours.

    I would like to reveal that the winner of this year’s A*STAR Talent Search finalists is Victoria Buckland. Victoria has also done NJC proud in other Science Competitions and Fairs. She is an inspiration to NJCians.

    Yuki, Shuyi and Yihang Yuki were the 3 NJCians who represented Singapore at the International Science and Engineering Fair held in the USA. They have all done very well.  Yuki achieved one Special Award (USAID Global Development Innovation Award). Shuyi achieved a Grand Award (4th Place Award). Yuhang achieved one Special Award (King Abdul Aziz and His Companions Foundation Award for Creativity and Giftedness) and one Grand Award (3rd Place Award).

    I would again like to congratulate and thank all the teachers and our partners from the various research institutes for their nurturing and mentoring of our students.

    On sports, our hockey team fought hard and secured third runners-up at the recently completed A-division hockey tournament. I would like to commend the hockey team for their never-say-die spirit and I am certain they will be stronger next year. Thanks must go to the teachers and coach who have nurtured in the hockey team a sttrong fighting spirit.

    Best Regards

    Service with Honour

  • 11 May 2016

    47th College Day

    We celebrated our 47th College Day on Saturday, 7 May 2016.

    College Day highlights the achievements of students and staff and allows us to express our gratitude to our treasured partners, including the School Advisory Committee, Alumni, Parents in Action and colleagues from the Research Institutes and Universities, and from civic organisations such as the People’s Association Youth Movement, Thye Hwa Kwan Moral Society and Fei Yue Family Services.

    Our Guest of Honour BG Melvyn Ong, Chief of Army and an NJC Alumnus, delivered a stirring address on resilience and rebounding from failure. BG Ong exhorted NJCians to always challenge themselves and be able to face and overcome adversity. The Singapore defence force is a fine example of an organisation that has risen to challenges.

    I would like to thank all colleagues and Njcians who have contributed to another successful College Day.

    Best Regards

    Service with Honour

  • 06 May 2016

    NJC’s Research Programme

    Yesterday I attended the A*STAR Talent Search and Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) Presentation Ceremony held at the Biopolis.

    The number and type of awards received by NJC students are a testimony to the success of the  Research Programme initiated the year when NJC first offered the Integrated Programme.

    This year, 3 students (out of 8 in total) were selected as A*STAR Talent Seach finalists, and one  from NJC emerge the winner. Twenty five students received SSEF awards and 3 (out of 8 in total) will represent Singapore at the International Science and Engineering Fair held in the USA. Given our small population (compared with much larger IP schools), these achievements are outstanding.

    I would like to congratulate and thank all the teachers and our partners from the various research institutes for their nurturing and mentoring of our students. I am certain these young minds will continue to thrive and seek new frontiers of knowledge.

    Best Regards

    Service with Honour

  • 06 May 2016

    NJC’s Sporting Spirit

    I received a whatsapp message yesterday that our A Div boys hockey team has made it to the semi-finals of this year’s tournament. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I was at the Kallang Squash Centre watching the A Div squash finals for boys and girls.  Last week, our girls clinched 4th team placing at the National Track and Field Championships. In April, our A boys, A girls and B girls canoeing teams were all placed 2nd, and our A girls touch rugby team achieved 4th placing.

    Besides the above, NJC students competed in a wide range of sports, including basketball, football, table tennis, badminton, softball, climbing and tennis. Some NJCians compete in indivdual sports such as tae kwan do.

    Given that our population at cohort level is not large and that many NJCians participate in the Aesthetics CCAs, we are justifiably proud that NJCians compete in a wide range of sports.

    My congratulations to all NJCians who have taken part in competitive sports. You have shown that the sporting spirit is alive and thriving. And to the teachers and coaches, I woul dlike to express a big thank you to all of you.

    Best Regards

    Service with Honour

  • 27 Apr 2016

    Weather Conditions

    Weather conditions have not been kind the last few weeks and will not get any better in the weeks to come. Daily temperature over the next few days is expected to hover around 34 degrees.

    It is important for NJCians to keep well and to ensure that you are hydrated by drinking sufficient water throughout the day.

    The hot weather has led to the depletion of water levels in Singapore and in Johore. This would mean that raw water supply might be reduced which in turn affects the production of potable water.

    The consumption of water in Singapore has risen over the years. If consumption continues to increase, water shortage is a likely outcome.

    I urge NJCians to continue to use water carefully. Every drop does count. Basic water saving practices must be adopted by everyone. Both individual and community efforts are necessary to conserve water, our very precious resource.

    Best Regards

    Service with Honour

  • 01 Apr 2016

    NJC’s Participation in National Schools Sports and Games

    NJC and Sports

    This morning, to hear two fellow NJCians recite the pledge on Sportsmanship was refreshing.

    Sports can have a positive impact, from promoting life-long health and personal empowerment to providing successful futures for young people. Sports serve to teach our NJCians about virtuous concepts such as humility, faith, hope, courage, discipline, leadership and empathy.

    NJCians would know that training is essential for competition, and that they would have to surpass their physical capacities in order to compete successfully.  They would know the importance of sacrificing personal interest for that of the team, and that they have to unite for a common purpose. They would appreciate that through competition, they would be able to exchange differing views and ideas with fellow competitors.

    Sports, ultimately, offer life lessons on solidarity, devotion to the task undertaken and not getting discouraged in the pursuit of objectives.

    I wish all NJCians the best in their sporting endeavours.

    Best Regards

    Service with Honour

  • 15 Mar 2016

    Singapore Science and Engineering Fair 2016

    Science and Engineering

    Over the years, NJCians have actively participated in the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF). SSEF is a national competition organized by MOE, Science Centre and A*STaR and is directly affiliated to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), which is regarded as the Olympics of science competition.

    Our emphasis on research has been the key factor in our high level of participation in SSEF. This year, 62 NJC projects were selected to be presented at SSEF finals at the Singapore Science Centre.  NJCians  clinched a total of 27 awards: 7 Merit, 7 Bronze, 4 Silver, 5 Special awards and 4 Gold. This record number of awards is an outcome of the research programme in NJC helmed by dedicated teachers.

    Of the 6 projects selected for representation Intel ISEF 2016 at Phoenix, USA, 3 are from NJC:

    1. Jia Shu Yi (15SH01) – Linking of Printable Molecules onto Silicon Substrates.
    2. Sim Yu Ki (15SH08) – on Development of Electrochemically-Active Nano-particles for use in an Electrochemical Lateral Flow Biosensor for Dengue Diagnosis.
    3. Wang Yu Hang (15SH04) – Exploring the Application of Nickel Hydroxide Thin Film in Waste Water Treatment.

    We have shown that with committed and passionate teachers, much could be done to nurture and develop students to be interested, focused and dedicated to research.My congratulations to all students and teachers involved in SSEF 2016.

    Best Regards

    Service with Honour

  • 16 Feb 2016

    Drug Abuse

    drug abuse

    The Straits Times reported today that 70% of new drug abusers arrested in 2015 were below the age of 30. Of these about 280 were below 20, almost doube the number arrested in 2014.

    This increase could be attributed to increasing tolerance towards drugs among older youth. Many are not aware that the first step to a life of addiction is to consume seemingly innocuous drugs. Many might have the misconception that they are in control and would be able to resist addiction. Unfortunately, they are sadly mistaken.  There is no such thing as the recreational use of drugs. Drug addiction is insidious.

    NJCians must say no to drugs. Do not make the wrong assumption that there are “harmless” drugs.

    Best Regards

    Service with Honour

  • 26 Jan 2016

    Organising Your Mind

    Organise mind

    This is the last week of January 2016. Time does go by speedily and some of us might wonder how and why we were not able to complete the tasks we have set ourselves.

    I am currently reading a book titled “Organise your mind, Organise your life”.  The book takes the reader through factors that distract the mind and suggests remedies that will help us organise our minds, and in turn our lives.

    More importantly, the authors of this book suggested that the real goal of the organised mind is to be able to see the big picture and act on it , or to live from a higher plane of order. Organising our minds is about rising above crises and be able to deal with each crisis, small or big. In addtion, an organised mind is able to to anticipate and welcome the future.

    I will find time to speak about this topic with NJCians. In the meantime, do pay heed to the distractors that steal your time surreptitiously.

    Best Regards

    Service with Honour

  • 15 Jan 2016

    Don’t Let Others Bully You

    Be brave

    This morning I spoke with you on two matters.

    The first is the passage of time. The first week of term is almost over. Most of you would not have thought very much about what had happened over the week. If you would do so, you might find that there were stretches of time that you could have spent more constructively. Spending time constructively does not mean that you have to hit the books or do homework. It could be about having conversations with your parents and friends.

    For SH2 NJCians, I would like you to find a good balance between time spent on academic work and on other activities. You do have an examination to sit for at the end of the year and you must be focussed. At the same time, it would also be necessary that you find time to relax and destress.

    In the light of the horrific attack in Jakarta yesterday, I reminded all NJCians to build character traits that will not allow others to bully us. We must be able to respond robustly to difficult situations and not be paralysed by fear. For male Singaporeans who will serve our nation as national servicemen, I urge all of you to take your future duties seriously.

    I have also asked you to have conversations with your parents, teachers and fellow students about the Jakarta attack so that you will be aware of the challenges we face and the responses that we together could engender.  Do have the conversations.

    Best Regards

    Service with Honour