Sapphire Programme

Complementing the school-wide leadership programme, the Sapphire Programme is a developmental programme for outstanding students (JH3-SH2) who possess:
1. strong character
2. leadership potential
3. intellectual capacity

The programme challenges these students to become:

  • Individuals with a strong sense of self who have well-developed interests
  • Proactive individuals, who are able to embrace relevant opportunities, identify areas for improvement and, regularly set and review goals for continued self-improvement.
  • Confident and discerning individuals, who are knowledgeable about geopolitical issues and can conduct themselves well in any situation, e.g. dialogue sessions and interviews.
  • Thinkers who act with passion to serve  the community and nation.

Students are selected into the programme based on a rigourous process and are given the flexibility to chart their own development with the guidance of a Sapphire Mentor They will be engaged in:

  • Focused mentorship & reflection in the 5 aspects of Servant Leadership
  • Relevant training in the different aspects of Servant Leadership
  • Opportunities to lead and serve e.g. the overseas Comparative Governance and Leadership Programme (CGLP) as well as the annual Leadership Symposium & VIA Fiesta
  • Relevant events / talks / conferences