Singapore International Science Challenge (Instructions)

SISC 2017 Background Image


Poster Presentation

Each institute is invited to have students present posters on up to 3 research projects from any field of STEM (see Table A), viz. minimum of 1 poster presented by 2 or 3 students and maximum of 3 posters presented by 1 student each;

The following details critical information with regard to the Research Challenge:

  1. Students will present their research either individually or up to a maximum team size of 3, with each participating institute allowed a maximum of 3 projects presented;
  2. Students must declare that they have worked on the projects themselves and that they had only received advice or guidance from their teachers;
  3. Each poster should be A0 in size, should be printed by the participants themselves and should clearly indicate the project title, name(s) of the team member(s), the name and/or logo of the school, and the name and/or logo of other institutes involved in the work;
  4. Students are assessed on their creativity, content, clarity, engagement and efficacy (rubric details to be refined and furnished at a later date);
  5. Papers had been called, and the rubrics for judging of the poster presentation will be furnished on the SISC website;
  6. The categories and their respective descriptors for the Research Challenge are detailed in Table A.
  7. The Research Challenge constitutes 30% of the participants’ score at SISC 2017.


Poster Presentation Hall Layout


Oral Lectures

Each team is invited to give a maximum of 3 Oral Lectures on their research projects to an audience of participating students, educators and independent academics from academic and research institutes;

Interested schools should submit a 250-word abstract and the research paper to the organising committee prior to the event;

The papers will be reviewed by referees of current peer-reviewed journals;

Papers that meet the criteria of the peer-review committee will be selected for presentation and publication in SISC Proceedings 2017 (to be given to each participating institute as a complimentary copy);

Bonus points will be awarded to students selected to present these oral lectures.