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1. Conceptualised by National Junior College in 2007, the Singapore International Science Challenge (SISC) is a biennial international event that brings together gifted students of age 15 to 18 from around the world to compete, collaborate and innovate in Science. The multi-disciplinary foci and integrated nature of the challenges provide an authentic backdrop for students to apply their scientific and technical knowledge to solving problems and creating impactful solutions.

2. The theme for SISC 2017 is Connecting Minds: Discovering New Frontiers. Underpinning this theme is the creative use of technology to create a smart globe that transcends the status quo of our human condition.

3. The four key areas of focus at the 2017 SISC are: (1) STEM Research, (2) Design and Computational Thinking, (3) Engineering Smart Systems and (4) Redefining and Transforming Education. These will be elucidated via four corresponding challenges and/or events: (1) the Research Challenge, (2) the Machine Learning Challenge, (3) the Design & Build Challenge and (4) the Educators’ Conference on Technologies in Education. Technology, its use, development and reconceptualisation, will be the undercurrent at each of the aforementioned challenges and/or events.

4. In addition to the student challenges, SISC 2017 also aims to build the capacities of our Science Educators through the teachers’ and principals’ programmes. These programmes enable the Science Educators to engage in professional discourse as well as establish and develop ties with counterparts from other schools around the world.

5 The working language of the event is English.

6. The event will be held from 27th June to 1st July 2017 in Singapore.

Welcome Address by Chairperson of the SISC 2017 Organising Committee

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A very warm welcome to Singapore, to National Junior College, and to the 6th Singapore International Science Challenge.

We are pleased to host students and educators from countries across the world at SISC 2017.  SISC brings together students and educators to exchange their latest research, to collaborate to work on new solutions to problems, and to develop new perspectives in addressing various global challenges. In addition, SISC provides a platform for students to find common ground, culturally and socially.

This year’s theme, Connecting Minds, Discovering New Frontiers, reflects the significance of collaboration that engenders new discoveries. To inspire you on what you could create next, and how you connect with one another to create new knowledge, this year’s programme includes an exciting series of plenaries on Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, Smart Systems, Design Thinking, and Virtual & Augmented Reality.  To add to the excitement, we have designed a brand-new challenge, the Machine Learning Challenge that will for the first time serve as a pre-cursor to the highly anticipated Design & Build Challenge. Also for the first time, we have INTEL and the Materials Research Society of Singapore sponsoring prizes for the various challenges.

SISC 2017 is a reality because of our common passion for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and their applications for improving society and the world we live in. I would like to thank the Ministry of Education, Singapore (MOE), the Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (A*STAR), INTEL, the Materials Research Society of Singapore (MRS-S), the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), our staff and students, and most of all you, for supporting and being part of SISC 2017.

Immerse yourself in the symposia, challenges and learning journeys, connect with one another, ask great questions and most of all, have a joyful and lively experience at SISC 2017. I wish you a memorable experience in our College and our beautiful city, Singapore.


Mr. Ang Pow Chew
National Junior College

Participating Schools

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Each institute is invited to have students present posters on up to 3 research projects from any field of STEM, viz. minimum of 1 poster presented by 2 or 3 students and maximum of 3 posters presented by 1 student each.

Each team is invited to give a maximum of 3 Oral Lectures on their research projects to an audience of participating students, educators and independent academics and research institutes.

Machine Learning


Participants will collaborate on a challenge that (1) will enable them the fundamentals of machine learning and (2) apply learned skills during the Design & Build Challenge.

Design & Build

DesignNBuildLogoThe Challenge will be integrated with the Machine Learning Challenge: learning resources that are relevant to this challenge that will require pre-SISC preparation will be made available on the SISC website while all necessary or relevant materials and engineering resources will be made available during the challenge itself.

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