Student Leadership

Student Leadership


As reflected in the College’s mission of developing every NJCian to be a leader, we believe in  developing them into leaders who are morally sound, socially responsible with a sense of rootedness based on the principles of Servant Leadership.

A leader is one who aspires to lead as a means to serve.  This is in contrast to a non-Servant Leader who seeks to be a leader first.  Accordingly, the success of a Servant Leader is not measured by the position one attains but by the degree of influence one exercises. 

The 5 qualities that a  NJC Servant Leader should possess are:

  • Listen without Judgment
  • Be Authentic
  • Build Community
  • Share Power
  • Develop People

NJC students are developed along the 5 Leadership Competencies as part of 21st Century Competencies that we believe all students should possess.


Leadership Development is embedded in the different co-curriculum programmes in the College:

  • Boarding Programmes
  • Co-Curricular Activities
  • Cultural Mapping
  • CCE Programmes such as Education and Career Guidance
  • Cyberwellness
  • House Sessions
  • Personal Reflection under Mentorship of Personal Mentors
  • Town Hall Sessions
  • Values in Action (Local and Overseas) Programmes

As extension to the cohort-wide programme, there are roles and responsibilities that NJC students can take up to enhance their leadership experience:

  • Student Council
  • CCA Leadership
  • Class Committee (including Class Chairperson, NE Ambassador)
  • House Affiliates
  • Leaders in Boarding
  • Ad-hoc Project Leaders (e.g. Overseas VIA Project Leaders)
  • Sapphire Scholars Programme