Loh Kang Yong

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Loh Kang Yong

Finding one’s direction is never easy. One of the main challenges young people face in today’s world is probably their search for their passion.

I remember meeting Mr. Nick Chan at the general office in 2010 when I asked him for the opportunity to enter the STaR programme. In the subsequent weeks, I was elated when Mr Chan gave me the opportunity to take up H3-STaR as an A-Level subject, working with the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, Agency for Science Technology and Research (IBN A*STAR).

Research has been an amazing experience for me. Because of research, I truly began to understand the word “uncertainty” in science. There is really never an end to it. Just when I thought I had succeeded, new problems come up and I have to find new solutions or improve current ones. Research is not about succeeding in experiments, but rather about seeking progress and challenging the boundaries of science. One has to hold on to faith in research. While research can be daunting at times, working on a project comes with an exciting feeling that I might be working on something that makes a positive impact on the community.

When I was in NJC, I was nominated and shortlisted for the prestigious Taiwan International Science Fair and was selected to represent the College for the International Science Youth Forum 2011. Subsequently, I went on to garner the coveted Silver Award in the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair. I was also deeply humbled to receive the IBN Promising Young Researcher Award 2010 for my work as well as the Outstanding Scientist Award at the Singapore International Science Challenge 2011. This gave me the opportunity to deliver several plenary speeches at the IBN Young Researchers’ Nite 2011 and the NJC STaR Symposium 2011. These are memories which I will treasure for life.

A year later, I took up the 2012 A*STAR National Science Scholarship to pursue my undergraduate studies in Chemistry at an overseas universitiy. I am grateful to NJC and A*STAR for giving me so many opportunities to do research. I have discovered, for myself, my passion in Chemistry. Chemistry is the central link of all sciences and I have found my passion and determination to take on a challenging career in science research.