Muhammad Faisal Bin Johandi

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Muhammad Faisal Bin Johandi

Standing steadfast and resolute, the grand façade of the NJC campus epitomises the spirit of discipline and honour. Growing up, I havealways dreamt of joining the College that sits atop the hill along Dunearn Road. Coming to NJC was really a dream come true.

When I first stepped into NJC, I was filled with enthusiasm, ready for the adventure of a pre-university education. However, having not come from a “branded” secondary school and being the only one from my alma mater to be in NJC, I had this constant need to prove to others, but more importantly to myself, that I truly belonged here. I knew that I had been given an opportunity of a lifetime to be in one of the nation’s best colleges and I was not going to let it slip by. I dared to dream. I wanted to learn as much as possible and challenge myself to the limit. Discussions with my Angklung Ensemble mentor, Mr Fuad Salim, led me to the life-changing decision to run for the Student Council Presidency.

One thing led to another and I enjoyed and cherished every single moment of it. I had the opportunity to lead and to represent the College and Singapore in various events, the most memorable being the Hugh O’Brian Youth Annual World Leadership Congress 2007 in Washington D.C., the United States of America, and the Inaugural Leadership Symposium 2007, for which I was the Organising Co-chairperson.

While I’ve learnt a lot from all these activities, my interaction with the College community at large made the single greatest impact on me as an individual. I began to truly understand and appreciate our College Motto, “Service with Honour”. It encapsulates the universal ethos of commitment, dedication, pride and brotherhood; not a mere act of service to others. This is a lesson I hold dear. In NJC, I went on a learning journey that would not have been possible without my fellow councillors, friends and teachers.

To put it simply, dare to dream and do your best. Never settle for anything less.