Yeo Qi Xun

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Yeo Qi Xun

“A commander who cares for his men, he treats his troopers with respect and pays attention to their development and well-being. Highly positive and capable, he sees opportunity in every task and produces work of high quality. His conduct and performance have earned him the respect of his fellow soldiers.” This is how Qi Xun was described when he was conferred as one of the outstanding SAF officers for the “Soldier of the Year 2016” award.

Qi Xun has always been one who pushes himself to do the best in whatever he does. He challenges himself and finds ways to stretch his potential. When he was a student at NJC, he participated in two CCAs – Table Tennis and Softball. These CCAs had intensive training schedules and regimes, and in both, Qi Xun thrived. It is noteworthy also that he was able to juggle these commitments together with the heavy academic load which he had. His resilience and ability to set clear priorities are key factors that led to his success. Qi Xun is also someone who has great discipline and never wavers in the pursuit of his passion. As a leader in the College’s Table Tennis team, he led by example and trained for lengthy periods of time before school and after school. He never missed a single training session. As his juniors saw how he pushed himself to excel in the sport, they were inspired to do the same.

Last but not least, Qi Xun also has strong social skills and this led to him being selected for the 2012 Taiwan Study-Cum-Immersion Programme where Qi Xun was paired with a Taiwanese student and they stayed in each other’s homes when they visited each other’s countries. He was able to connect with someone who was initially a stranger to him and was enthusiastic in helping his buddy to understand Singapore’s culture and history. He was also keen to learn about Taiwan and showcased an earnest attitude in wanting to learn about cultures other than what he is familiar with.

Qi Xun is currently studying at the School of Information Systems in the Singapore Management University.