Alumni Spotlight


Jeanette Aw

A self-introduction has always been a challenging task for me. How do I sum myself up in a few words? How do I share my career’s highlights with all of you in as concise a manner as possible? How am I going to know what is of interest to you?

Well… welcome to Navigate your way through the pages and explore what there is to offer. Here, you will get my latest news and updates, you will be able to read my blog (words and more words), or you can choose to look through the photo gallery and video clips.

Before it seems a tad too disappointing that I did not say much about myself, here is the real self-introduction:

I am Jeanette Aw. I have always loved music, art, and dance. I suppose performing in front of an audience came as a natural next step when I chose to major in Theatre Studies in NUS. Making the transition from stage to television hasn’t exactly been easy. But 12 years down the road, I can say it has been an amazing journey. Right now, I have a dream to return to stage some day.

I believe in dreams. My very own book, “Jeanette Aw: Definitions”, being one dream that came true for me. I do plan to continue writing. Words are magical to me and I am given free rein to weave that little magic for myself through my writing.

I do not intend to fill this page with frivolous things like height, weight, languages spoken etc. However, these information are readily available elsewhere I believe, accurate or not is another matter. I am fiercely protective over my family and friends, so this is also something else I will not talk about. What I refrain from saying opens up and magnifies another aspect of me. So this section of the self-intro is not all lost.

I am not all that complicated. I am a simple person, a girl who wants to lead a simple and happy life. I just listen to what the little voice in my heart says and that is where it has led me to thus far. I just want to keep my dreams alive and keep that fire burning for as long as I can. Simple as that.

That is all for now. If you feel it is still not enough, you are most welcome to read my blog and enter my world =)