1969 Archives

The 1969 Archives was officially opened on 5 August 2004. The Archives was set up

  • to present to visitors the College and current batches of students the rich heritage of NJC
  • to continue to maintain the bond between College and former students
  • to serve as a treasure trove of memories for former students.


Several names for the Archives were presented for voting by the staff and students and eventually ‘1969’ was chosen for it evokes a myriad of rich association with NJC’s beginning and its development over the years. 20 January, 1969 marked the opening of NJC with its inaugural assembly. Mr Lim Kim Woon was the first principal. In September that year, then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew visited the college.

Contributing to the Archives

The College invites all ex-NJCians – particularly if you were from the Pioneer, 1970s or 1980s batches – to contribute to the existing collection in the archives.

You may contribute items such as:

  • a set of school uniform from 1969
  • other clothing items of significance such as CCA or House T-shirts
  • CCA collar pins or other CCA momentos
  • medals, trophies or certificates of inaugural or major competitions
  • tickets, programme sheets or other souvenirs of inaugural or key performances
  • photographs, video footage, sound recordings
  • or even your own write-up of events significant to NJC’s history.


To contribute, simply call our college office at 64661589.