College Values



A standard of conduct that treats others with consideration and respect. It is about disagreeing without disrespect, seeking common ground as a starting point for dialogue about differences, listening past one’s preconceptions, and teaching others to do the same.


A capacity for selfless concern for the well-being of others. It is about service to others and not about existing just for ourselves.      Altruistic acts include not only those undertaken in order to do good to others, but also those undertaken in order to avoid or prevent harm to them.


A capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. It is about an ineffable quality that allows a person to be knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever. A resilient person is positive, optimistic, able to regulate emotions, and sees failures as a form of helpful feedback. Even after misfortune, a resilient person is blessed with such an outlook that he/she is able to change course and soldier on.


A capacity to be bold, creative and ready in any undertaking. It is about being able to see the future in the present. An enterprising person keeps his/her eyes open and has an active mind to see opportunity in all areas of life.



NJC aims to foster a lively community and joyful learning so that every NJCian will have a distinctive and memorable experience. The College will be a safe, nurturing and caring environment to promote “liveliness”, “joyfulness” and “self-regulation” for all NJCians. All NJCians strive to become Servant Leaders and Self-Regulated Learners in their day-to-day life in and outside of College.