Our Principal

Principal’s Message 2018

Ang Pow Chew

Dear NJCians,

As we approach the 50th anniversary of our College next year, it is timely to remind ourselves of what NJC stands for. We should ask ourselves: What is the NJC spirit? 

NJC was started in 1969 to pioneer an education which focused on the spirit of service.  This impetus for the creation of NJC will continue to be the definitive characteristic of every NJCian. Our motto “Service with Honour” ties together the NJC community. This spirit of service drives all NJCians to do the right things – contributing to the welfare of our school, community, country and humanity.

The spirit of service will make us feel that we are part of something greater than ourselves. This spirit will warm our school, make everyone smile and bring all of us together. The NJC spirit and pride go hand in hand. When we are proud of something, we want it to look its best.

Never forget that our school spirit is about taking pride in being a part of a community, a community of people not much different from oneself. And our school spirit is about believing that NJC’s good name is a direct reflection upon ourselves.

So do our best and serve with honour.

My best wishes to all of you.

Service with Honour