Parents-In-Action (PAACT)




Our College’s parent support group started in 1995, and has actively support our programmes to offer students a holistic education. The parent support group was formally registered in 2004 and is known as PAACT, an acronym for PArents-in-ACTion.

PAACT’s Vision is to have a community of parents and staff in active partnership and collaboration to develop students to be responsible world-ready youths. PAACT’s objective is to promote and strengthen the relationship between parents and NJC. In addition, PAACT serves as a platform for parents to share experiences, to provide additional resources for our College and to raise funds to meet our needs.

PAACT actively organises activities that are in line with our College’s strategic themes and in accordance with its own objectives. Activities include parenting talks and seminars, parent-conducted workshops for students on their area of professional expertise, Teachers’ Day Celebration with a home-cooked buffet spread, parents’ networking and breakfast with principal sessions. Our teachers have been highly appreciative of their efforts and those involved have found these sessions and events very meaningful.

paactWe value communication and feedback. Parents have NJC email addresses and also access to the College’s Knowledge Management Portal. This is an extension for parents to share their experiences and be apprised of the happenings within NJC.

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