Awards and Recognition

Awards and Recognition


In National Junior College, the sacrifices and contributions by our staff, students and partners are never overlooked. One way by which we show our appreciation is through our many internal College Awards. A thorough process of nomination, voting and validation by peers and teachers is conducted so as to make sure that every deserving member of our College is recognised. This contributed to our College being awarded the Best Practice Awards in Staff Well Being and Student All-Round Development in 2005.

Some of our College Awards are:

Staff/Student Awards


College Values Awards
We work on the philosophy of ‘catching people being good’. College Values Awards are given to both staff and students who best exemplify our four College Values either in their attitudes or otherwise. The four awards are named after our College Values:

  • Service with Honour Award
  • Scholarship with Creativity Award
  • Loyalty with Integrity Award
  • Leadership with Sensitivity Award


A Distinction Award will be given to a student who has demonstrated the College Values in a most outstanding way.

Student Awards


Academic Subject Awards
These awards are given to the top student in each subject in recognition of their outstanding performance in the examinations.

Outstanding Science / Arts Student Awards
Based solely on academic performance, the Outstanding Science / Arts Student Awards are given to one deserving and exceptional student from the Science / Arts stream respectively.

Co–Curricular Activities Award
This award is presented based on service and contribution to the College or outstanding achievement and performance in CCA.

Sports Excellence Award
This award is given in recognition and in support of the student’s participation and achievement in the field of sports in the College.

National Junior College Alumni Student of the Year Award
Sponsored by the NJC Alumni, this is the most prestigious award in the College. The recipient must not only be outstanding in academic studies and must also have an exemplary CCA record.

Lim Kim Woon Award
This award is named after the first Principal of the College, Mr Lim Kim Woon, and was established from an endowment fund set up by a former student. It serves to reward students who exemplify the College Motto of “Service with Honour”.

Partner Awards

Parent-Volunteer Award
This award is to recognise parents who have contributed selflessly to the College in various ways.

NJC Partner Award
This award is given to strategic partners of NJC in recognition of their contribution and support for the College.