Career Diagnostic Quiz

The NJC Career Diagnostic Quiz is similar to the questionnaire found on the MySkillsFuture portal, but the questions have been streamlined to provide you with a quicker diagnosis of the possible career options you may want to consider based on your personality and preferences. While the results of the quiz may be used to guide you in making decisions for your future, do remember that it is important that you consult other resources as well, such as your parents, teachers and your ECG Counsellor. Enjoy the quiz and remember that there are no right or wrong answers; just go with your instincts and see how it goes.

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Listed below are some jobs which come under this category. The list is not exhaustive and is meant to get you started on thinking as well as researching the industries which you may want to explore. Do not be alarmed if none of the jobs listed below are within your expectations. You may want to think about aspects of the jobs which appeal to and align with your personality instead.

Additionally, you may also want to think about your subject combination choices, based on your results and the industry you’re interested in. More information on the subject combinations available at NJC can be found at: /curriculum/senior-high/subject-combinations/.

For a more detailed assessment of your predispositions, please head to or

Possible careers for you

Questions 1 to 5/ 42

1. I would enjoy fixing and tinkering around with things like robots and circuit boards.

2. I like figuring out the answers to mysteries and puzzles.

3. It is very important that I get a chance to express myself and my ideas.

4. I like to work in teams.

5. I am ambitious and I enjoy setting goals for myself.

6. I like my things to be neat and organised.

7. I would enjoy building or making things (toy models, LEGO, jigsaw puzzles, etc).

8. I don't like to follow rules and orders.

9. I like to have clear instructions to follow when I am given a task.

10. I like influencing and persuading others to my point of view.

11. I like to collect and analyze data.

12. I get a big sense of satisfaction watching people improve after I teach them something.

13. I like trying to help people solve their problems.

14. I like doing hands on work.

15. When I am working, I like knowing and planning what I am going to do for each day of the week.

16. I would enjoy convincing others to buy something from me.

17. I would enjoy designing things like jewellery or coming up with different types of pastries.

18. I am naturally curious about many things in life.

19. I am quick to take on new responsibilities.

20. I am interested in healing people.

21. I enjoy trying to figure out how things work.

22. I like assembling things together.

23. I am a creative person.

24. I would like to check my answers many times in an exam, especially calculation questions.

25. I am the kind of person that pays attention to detail.

26. I submit work on time without needing constant reminders.

27. I enjoy having complete freedom when given a task to do.

28. I am friendly and enjoy meeting new people.

29. I would like to start my own business someday.

30. I would enjoy playing with science equipment in the lab.

31. I would enjoy portraying a famous character in a movie.

32. I prefer solving problems with practical steps that can be acted out instead of abstract problems like mathematics questions.

33. I like working with numbers or charts.

34. I like to discuss issues and problems with others before making decisions.

35. I like having "To Do Lists" and ticking off what I have completed.

36. I like to lead others.

37. I would enjoy working outdoors.

38. I would like to work in an air-conditioned office.

39. When I can't figure out the solution to a problem immediately, I am even more motivated to solve the problem!

40. I like helping people.

41. I enjoy being immersed in the Arts (music, drama, drawing, dance, etc).

42. I enjoy being the center of attention when people hear me speak.

Here are some jobs which are in nature: