Co-Curricular Activities


Some of the most crucial learning moments take place outside the classroom. A big part of life at National Junior College involves students in Co-Curricular Activities where fun, imagination and challenges abound. While being conscious of the need for academic excellence, we also strive to develop character and leadership in our students as well. Together as a family, we provide support for personal growth, offering varied platforms and opportunities for every to learn and serve the community around us.

All NJCians are expected to be actively involved in a CCA.  All Junior High (JH) 1 students will be enrolled in the Co-curricular Activities for Exposure (CAFÉ) programme instead of a CCA for their JH1 year.  In this programme, they will undergo the experiences of a Sports & Games and Performing Arts CCA. This is with the view that by the end of JH1, they will be able to make an informed choice of which CCA they would like to commit to for their remaining JH years.

The following 15 JH CCAs cater developmental programs and various opportunities for their JH CCA members throughout their Junior and Senior High years. JH1 students will choose their CAFÉ from these 15 CCAs and join one of them by the end of JH1 for their JH years.

 CCAs offered to Junior High and Senior High students

Basketball Canoeing Shooting
Track And Field
Cogz Chinese Dance Choir
Guitar Ensemble Indian Dance Malay Dance
String Orchestra Symphonic Band Western Dance

In addition to the CCAs offered to our JH students, our Senior High (SH) students are able to choose from any of the 41 CCAs offered in our College.

CCAs offered to Senior High students only

Sports and Games

Badminton Climbing Floorball
Football Hockey Netball
Table Tennis *will not be offered during the 2020 DSA-JC exercise
Touch Rugby

Performing Arts

*will not be offered during the 2020 DSA-JC exercisePiano Ensemble

Clubs and Societies

Aesthetics Club 2 *will not be offered during the 2020 DSA-JC exerciseAikido Ava & Pa Club
*will not be offered during the 2020 DSA-JC exerciseBiztech Cldds Interact Club
Oac Mldds *will not be offered during the 2020 DSA-JC exerciseMathematics Society
Ildds *will not be offered during the 2020 DSA-JC exercisePoliticas *will not be offered during the 2020 DSA-JC exerciseScience And Tech
Elddes Greenlink Club Student Council