Aesthetics Club

Image 01Art Club

One of the 3 wings of the Aesthetic Club, NJC Art Club has members who are excited about discovering the different potentials art-making offers. Sessions predominantly comprises of learning new techniques as a community and occasionally planning projects that can impact the NJC community such as through our mural work around college. Art making techniques are partly led by the Art Teacher-in-charge, or by the senior members of Art Club. We have previously done ceramics, urban sketching, watercolour, silkscreen bags, oil painting, casting sculpture, fashion design, and various crafts. Much of what we do is based on current students’ interest areas. Have a look at what we do: #njARC If you are interested to find out more, drop by our sessions at the artroom level 1, Wednesday 3:45pm


Image 01Photographic Society

As a wing of the Aesthetic Club, NJC Photographic Society strive to be a reputable student initiated CCA which not only caters to the interests of our members but also the spirit and values of our college. We educate and provide exposure to various photography techniques through courses, outdoor photoshoots and event coverage as opportunities to develop theoretical understanding to practical skills. We also expose and develop our members to have an artistic vision and appreciation for different fields of photography through our training sessions and visits to galleries and exhibitions. Facilities such as the Mac Lab and Dark Room allows members to gain competency through a wide array of studio, film and digital photographic techniques from production to editing. By providing platforms such as photography coverage of official college and external events, our members gets to contribute to the college and society. Our members also have the opportunity to hold key positions in the CCA for personal development of leadership skills through planning and execution of training activities and programmes, such as workshops and exhibitions to showcase our members’ photographic achievements. Several of our members have also received accolades from participating in local competition such as the Ngee Ann Konsi Photography Exhibition as part of their portfolio.  If you are interested to find out more, approach any of our members or teachers-in-charge to find out more. Prior photography skill is not required.


Image 01Film Society

In Film Society, members have the opportunity to be exposed to various types of films aesthetics and production techniques, such as animation, documentary, event coverage and drama. They also get to operate a wide range of high-tech video production equipment such as gimbals, drones, DSLRS, lighting gears and audio recording devices. Trainings are conducted by industry professional, in multimedia lab equipped with Macintosh desktops and the latest video editing software. Apart from technical knowledge and aesthetic exposure, film Society members develop invaluable confidence, leadership and teamwork abilities while serving the school through event coverage. There are also plenty of competitions and festival to look forward to, building one’s competency and portfolio.