Aesthetics Club

Image 01Photographic Society

As a wing of the Aesthetics Club, NJC Photographic Society strives to be a reputable student initiated CCA which not only caters to the interests of our members but also the spirit and values of our college. We educate and provide exposure to various photography techniques through courses, photoshoots, event coverage and long-term projects as opportunities to transfer theoretical understanding to practical skills. We also expose and develop our members to have an artistic vision and appreciation for different fields of photography through our training sessions and learning journeys.

Facilities and equipment within our Sand Box and Dark Room allow members to gain competency through a wide array of studio, film and digital photographic techniques from production to editing. With guidance from our training instructor who is a professional photographer to guide our members in prepartion for an annual exhibition, our members not only get to showcase their creative endeavors, but also experience event management where they learn to conceptualise, plan and execute memorable exhibitions. Members also have the opportunity to hold key positions in our Executive Committee to develop core leadership skills such as team-building, strategic planning and problem solving.

By providing VIA platforms such as photography coverage of college events, and conducting training workshops, our members gets to contribute actively to the college and society. Several of our members have also received accolades from participating in competitions such as the Ngee Ann Konsi Photography Exhibition as part of their portfolio.

Image 01Film Society

As a wing of the Aesthetics Club, NJC Film Society aims to inculcate an appreciation for different fields of film. We develop our members to become promising film-makers who contribute and spark positive change in the community through their own unique and visionary lens.

In Film Society, members have the opportunity to be exposed to various types of films aesthetics and production techniques, such as animation, documentary, event coverage and drama. They also get to operate a wide range of high-tech video production equipment such as gimbals, drones, DSLRS, lighting gears and audio recording devices. Training is conducted by industry professionals, in multimedia lab equipped with Macintosh desktops and the latest video editing software.

Apart from technical knowledge and aesthetic exposure, our film Society members develop invaluable confidence, leadership and teamwork abilities while serving the school through the coverage of events. There are also plenty of competitions and festival to look forward to, thereby enabling our members to build their competency and portfolio.

Image 01Maker Society

As a wing of the Aesthetics Club, NJC Maker Society endeavours to build innovative creative thinking and resourceful problem-solving skills in its members. In addition to  technical material handling skills, members embark on purposeful projects that aim to liven the environment and serve the community around us.

In a bid to ensure meaningful and enriching growth in this CCA, much of the projects and sessions are designed based on the interest areas of students, guided by specialised CCA instructors and/or teacher-mentor. Sessions predominantly comprise learning through the new and authentic experiences of materials and making, broadly spanning explorations like image-making, prototyping, textile-construction, app development, etc., just to name a few. Members are highly encouraged to pursue and develop their own practices and to push themselves through the participation of various competitions organised by external organisations. Furthermore, members engage with real-world exposure through visits to conventions and exhibitions, and participation in talks by industry professionals, creators, makers, and practitioners.

As a means of serving the community, the NJC Maker Society also goes the extra mile to ensure that the work we do enriches the lives of those around us. We work together with external community partners to bring our skills and services to them. If you are interested in discovering the innovative side of yourself, to inject creativity to your community, or to build your competencies in preparation for a future career in the innovation industry, then the NJC Maker Society is the CCA to be in.