Aikido 01NJC Aikido aims to bring out every athlete’s potential through developing character, psychological resilience and meeting life’s demands with tenacity.

The Development Programmes are: (i) Leaders nominated for Youth Leadership Training Camp, (ii) all members can attend aikido related seminar/sharing/ and participate in Youth Aikido Meet (YAM)

The CCA’s mission is to allow every child to push him/herself to his/her limits and beyond, to feel a sense of accomplishment, to persist in achieving their goals.  It’s Vision is to develop disciplined and caring students with mental and physical strength.

The Club is guided by the following Core Values: • Discipline • Confidence • Perseverance.

With these in mind, it is the goal of the Club to train members with self-defense techniques which aim to resolve conflict peacefully and promote discipline and self-confidence.

“You can only achieve real exellence through hardwork.”